Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vs Bar, Marina and Rainbow Tower


Progress Update

Mapped out the next city- It's a harbor city.... named Portus City.
Kinda busy map. Unsure if it'll have a gym. probably will.
I'm Offically about 65% done of all mapping. so yay.

I spent 1 hour yesterday going through all text and changing Pokemon into Pokémon. Just figured out Alt+130. Innoying and time consuming. but needed to be done.

Vs Bar
Vs bar: Yeah- like HG/SS does it. more simplistic though. Appears before battling a gym leader, your rival and Team Rocket!


While I was testing for glitches in v0.4, I realised... there are no female main characters. So heres Crystal/Marina/Kris


You'll encounter her early in the game- for people transferring save games, you'll still be able to activate the events. She'll basically pop up from time to time informing you of any corrupted pokemon. you'll obtain her phone number later on (*wink* *wink*) and you can call her for locations of corrupted pokemon


Rainbow Tower

North of Portus City, there will be a newly opened... Rainbow Tower!
It's an amusment park. multiple zones. get points. obtain prizes.

If you've got ideas of other zones to add, just post it.

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