Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Route 11

Update [5/12/10]

heres just some interesting stuff i learned while I was playing, feel free to contribute your own.

No more PP? - Limit Break it

-Just happened to me while testing the haunter battle. I ran out of PP. had no ethers either. couldn't run form a boss battle, and struggle was doing pefetic damage. My charazard went into limit status- yay double stats. but I can't even do attacks (well- struggles were starting to do 40 damage now) but then every turn he regained 16Pp. 5% per turn. And- not your turn. after any attack that any pokemon does, you'll recover PP. So if your pokemon runs out of PP, just wait for him to limit and get back in the battle.

Dont like my team.

-Did you just find an awesome pokemon, but he's too low leveled to tag along with your main party? Well- newgame+ might be the thing to do. When you do it, you retain everything, except pokemon levels, and key items (for story events). Yeah- you'll can have a lv1 Blastoise with hydro pump.
All levels reseting mean you can have a fresh start, Instead of taking the same pokemon as before, you can select any of the pokemon you caught before. and they'll all be at the same level!

Progress Update
Just been fixing bugs, and mapping out the next areas (route 11 below)
The next city will be a harbour city- the first one in SPEE. so yay you'll be getting surf soon.

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