Monday, November 26, 2012

Website Down

Unfortunately, it appears my domain name host for has gone offline.

But thanks to donations from Leigh Marsh and Harley Hines, I've gone ahead and bought a .com address. (woot). -  currently the website is under review, but should be up in the next few days.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Minor Update

Just a heads up.

v0.7b will be coming out soon, (2-4 weeks?)
[edit] LOL NOPE

As of right now; It'll go up to the end of chapter 4 (when you kill the next hypervisor) but I may extend it 1 more chapter.

we'll see.

it'll have some new features including battle parties (team battle sorta thing), a TPC teleporter, which is an item that'll teleport you to the last pokecenter, and other stuff like that which i'll explain when the new version reaches completion.

thanks for the continued support :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mapping Update

Made a new route. it's west of amplus city.
pokemon league is >>>> that way

Heres the general outline of upcomming versions, and where they would end.
v7a - XxLionheartxX (chapters 1+2)
v7b - Vanish_23 (chapters 3+4)
v7c - Geosigma (chapters 5+6+7)

v8 - Necro (chapter 8)?
v9 - Pokemon League (chapter 9)?
v10 - XDR (chapter 10)

Other Stuff

Also, SPEE is in the running for the spotlight of the month!

Get voting (but, if you like one of the other games better, vote for them!)

Version 0.7a released!

Finally, after a stupidly long delay. I mean stupidly, stupidly long (9 months to be exact) the new version of Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is here.

Now; this demo will only go up to chapter 3(after the first AI battle) Yeah, you're probably thinking "wtf".
v7 was a large revamp. I went through and redid a lot of the script, events have been tightened up, systems have been polished, most importantly, difficulty has been rebalanced- to make it more challenging. It has the most changes of any version, a lot of the stuff is background stuff, so you might not even realise.
I've currently revamped up to the first AI, so i decided to just release it anyway even though it's only 1/3rd the length of v6.

I'll be releasing v7 in 3-4 parts. The first one is SPEE v0.7 a
with later parts being b,c etc.
with v8 releasing once the revamping has finally passed where v6 ended.

So yeah.
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.7a

DOWNLOAD | 74 mb

-Mass Rebalance
-Limitbreak System
-Suprise Battles
-Sidequests & Intel
-Dynamic Map
-Whiteout(no more game over when death)
-and much, much more

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Navigation Features

Feature Update_________________________________________
This update is mainly about the map and navigation features.

Previously, the map was pretty simple. It showed you where you the places in the region,
and it showed you where you were. Now it's getting an upgrade.

Destination Marker

The first feature in the new map. It will display your current story destination.
It is very useful if you've taken a break from the game, or you've lost your way.

It dynamically updates as you progress along the storyline.
Before you get Eevee, it'll point to Tasto Creek but, after you get Eevee, it'll point to Ventus City.
As shown on the image below.
It's all 100% automatic, so you don't have to fiddle with it.

Blocked Paths

This feature I picked up from Silent Hill actually, a map that puts information on the map as you encounter it. Namely, blocked paths.

As you can see, if you've going along a path, and you find it's blocked, the map will actually mark that down.
The mark appear if you approach the obsticle. You don't need to interact with it, but usually if you're 5-10 steps away, it'll record.

It is very useful for keeping track of which parts of the map you can traverse to. It will recognise all obsticles: cut bushes, bodies of water, rocksmash rocks and even gaurds.

The obsticle markers will automatically dissapear once you can traverse them (eg: get gym badge, axe, pickaxe, surfboard, etc)

Bait Markers
Someone requested this a while ago; it's here now.
Whever you put rare candy in a bait spot, that spot will from then on, appear on your map.
The marker will change if a Pokemon has eaten the candy.
Pink Bait: Rare Candy
Pokeball: Corrupted Pokemon

Now you won't have to rely on your memory.

[Don't have pics right now :/]

Another feature that focuses on making navigation easier on the player. Waypoints.
I first got this off Bioshock, I really liked their automatic waypoints, it saved me from getting extremely lost in the game.

In the game now, you'll be able to enable waypoints.
Translucent arrows that show the way to your next destination.

They work like the map's destination marker, automatically updating whenever your destination changes.
Very handy for people who aren't good with directions, or just want to skim through th game.

Early in the game, you will be asked if you want waypoints.
They will be able to be turned off.