Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gen3 Devamps

Merry christmas and happy new year! not really a big update, I've been spending the last few days devamping all the genIII pokemon.

It's taken a while, but ive finished. With that- I can complete the gen3 part of the pokedex.So all is good.

For thoes who can't see it, all pokemon sprites from G/S/C had 4 colours, Black, White and 2 others. So I went by each pokemon sprite, and removed colours, changed shading and whatnot.(I another extra colour for some pokemon, Eg: Roselia, who is green, but has a red rose on one hand, while a blue one in the other.
(click to reveal devamp picture)


Ill be posting them in the resorce section tommorow. for people who wanna use em.

Now with that and the pokdex outta the way, I can continue with actual game progress

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