Friday, October 18, 2013

Website Down

So the website is currently down, I'm up giving it a much needed facelift and tying it with my other projects. Basically, I'm making a site where you'll not only be able to get information on Eevee Edition, but also my other game development projects too. 

It should be back in a few days.

But anyway, you can still download v0.724 from here:

Plus I'm sorta new to this twitter thing, so follow me either on @EeveeEdition, 
or @theRaonak for my main account.

I'll be sure to follow you back if you do.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Demo 7b coming soon...

The second hypervisor has now been completed. It took more time than I thought, but it ended up quite nice, you'll be encountering a puzzle in the hypervisor's domain which should be more interesting than just going through a linear dungeon.

That means I'm done with the storyline events of the next version. In additon to the content in 0.72, jasmine's gym, another rival battle and the 2nd hypervisor have been added. Which means the end of chapter 4.

Now, it's time for the hard part. Polishing, bug testing, adding side quests, corrupted pokemon,  shinification feature, and the long awaited, long absent, New Game +

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reducing Encounter Rates

I've added a new feature that should make the game less tedious.
Reducing Encounter Rates

So you already know that walking(instead of biking) and Repels reduce wild pokemon encounter rates. Coming v0.73 there'll be a new way. by simply escaping.

Every time you escape, the encounter rate will go down. Escaping a suprise battle will lower it even more. The more you escape, the lower the encounter rate will become, the encounter rate can drop as low 1/4th the original rate.

This should help getting through areas of the game much easier, namely caves and stuff.

The encounter rate can be reset by hoping on the bike, or healing at the pokemon center.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Hypervisor: Vanish_23

Controller of systems. electric/psychic typing.
You'll be fighting her at the end of chapter 4 in Demo7b. which will be coming out soon.

funfact: She's the only hypervisor that hasn't been encountered on any previous versions. so this is her premier reveal.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

General Update

So i've spend much of the last week working on sidequests and planning the rest of the game out.

there should be around 20 of them in 0.7b. each granting various kinds of bonuses. TMs, equipment, evolution stones, pokemon. etc. plus you get a trophy for completing each one.
Although the storyline is linear, the sidequests make it feel a lot more open.


i've pretty much finalized the storyline, contact me (through pokecommunity PM, or twitter, or facebook- 

if you want me to tell you the plot of the game from start to end, it'll get massively spoiled, but on the other hand, I need thoughts about the story.

Map Update-----------

So I've done some minor updates to the map. Mainly layout changes. removing much of the planned second region and combining it with the first region to create one large region. I've pretty much nailed down where each legendary pokemon will be encountered.
Ill most definetly tweak it more as the project progresses, but they'll probably only be small additions and modifications.

(click to enlarge)

white areas = Completed (meaning it's coming in 0.7b)
light gray = Mapped (it's mapped, but not scripted, and wont be appearing in v0.7b)
dark gray = Nope. (doesnt exist as of yet)

Name Changes-

I decided to change the names of some areas. for various reasons.

Tasto Creek -> Aurum Creek [because tasto didnt mean anything, i took a word. added a vouel to the end of it.]
Resta Falls -> Leaky Falls [resta doesnt actually mean anything... same way as tasto]
Mt Sitor -> Mt Atlas [not sure if sitor meant anything, but now altas. named after greek god.]
Imbibo lake -> Ros lake [IIRC imbibo means drink in latin. but imbibo is a clumsy and hard to pronounce lake. Ros means wet. and is simple.]
Amplus City -> Magnus City [amplus was a fine name in itself, but i realised 3 of the first 5 cities you come across start with A. Aurum. Arbor. Amplus. might confuse players. plus magnus sounds badass. both amplus and magnus mean large in latin.
Cave of the Dammed -> Silent Ruins [more ruins than cave now... too many goddamn caves in the game...]
Funfact: each city in the game is a latin word.
Aurum Town = Gold (because main character's default name is gold)
Ventus City = Wind (because flying gym)
Brevis Town = Small (because it is small and has nothing of interest)
Arbor City= Tree (because it's next to a forest.)
Magnus City= Large (because it's the biggest city)
Ferreus Town= Steel/Hard (because it's next to a steel mine and steel gym)
Mors Village = Death (because of ghost gym and graveyard)
Portus City = Port (well... because theres a port)


So in v0.7b heres what pokemon should be avalaible:
Eevee, Starter, Sentret, Pidgey, Weedle/Caterpie, Nidoran, Zubat, Bellsprout/Oddish, Psyduck(alpha), Geodude, Spinarak, Pineco, Poliwag, Mareep, Abra, Diglett, Grimer(alpha), Tyrogue, Pichu, Smoochum, Elekid/Magby, Electrike(omega), Drowzee, Exeggcute, Shroomish,
Natu, Lotad, Snubbull, Sandshrew/Phanpy, Hoothoot, Houndour, Seedot, Gastly, Houndour, Mankey. - theres a chance that a couple wont make it if i decide to change their locations.

Heres some corrupted. you might notice updated sprites for a few of them.

(click to enlarge)

Social Media----------

So in additon to

Pokecommunity Forums Website Blog
I've now expanded to social media. ill be posting updates there too. and you can use them to ask me questions. post comments. discussions whatever.

Facebook Twitter Reddit

Next Version-

So all this talk about v0.7b probably has you curious as to when it will be done... All I can say right now is Soon.

But I'll be putting beta versions out before v0.7b so people can bugtest them. I'll be releasing a beta version ( beta72 ) relatively soon in fact. So stay tuned.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amplus Update and Sewers

So I've been working on updating Amplus City for the new version. It's roughly 50% bigger now.
In addition to the gym, lab, mega mart, pokecenter and house, it's going to have a dojo (moved from Route 7), a library, an arcade, a rename center, and various other places of interest. -

In addition to that, Amplus City will now have an underground sewer system. When Team Rocket invades the city, you'll be forced to navigate the sewers to enter the blocked parts of the city. It's filled with grimers, rattatas and a drowsee or two.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Databasing is the enemy of progress.

You know what's fun?

Databasing... No. but really, it's quite boring. and excruciating. I put it off for so long. Actually one of the reasons why progress halted. 

Imagine this.... for every one of the 386 pokemon- I have to go on get the type information  Get the movelist. get the stats. and plug them into eevee edition as character class data. 

But that's only for character data. Because RPGmaker treats character data totally separate from enemy data. Making wild pokemon enemies is a totally separate process. Enemies in RPGmaker don't have "levels" so I have to create separate enemy instances for each level. obviously make 100 enemy instances for each pokemon would be a bad idea, so I use 10 levels. spread out throughout the 100 possible levels.

this is a necessary evil- because I need wild pokemon. I need trainer pokemon. Without it I can't really release another version. Databasing is really annoying, because you don't feel like you're progressing at all. 

Luckily, I've just finished up all the kanto, and soon, johto pokemon. I was thinking I might just skip 0.7b/c and just jump straight to v0.8, because I feel bad for the astonishingly long lack of any real update. 
Sometimes I think it would be easier buying a sweatshop in china to do all my databasing.
Yep. It's as exciting as it looks.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Intro

Hey guys. sorry for not posting in a while.

Im not dead yet. Just decided I needed to take a psudeo-break for a few months. Was something I definetly needed. kinda dissapointed in myself for not being able to get v0.7b out yet. but i underestimated how fast time flies.

You're probably thirsty for an update, so here's some screens of stuff that'll be in v0.7b, including a completely new intro sequence, a new pokecenter UI and some other stuff including the Quickselect system. Im not sure if i've posted this before or not... but here it is.