Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Game+



I am now going through every event in the game, using an online spellchecker to check all my spellings. It may take some time.
but I do hate typos. Problem is I don't even realise my spelling.

I've gone through all the main strory events fixing grammar errors.
I'm going to now go through all the optional dialog.

New Feature

My friend was talking about how he has nothing to do in SS anymore.He want's to restart, but doesn't want to loose any of his pokemon.
The idea was already in my head, but It sounded hard to do.... I started coding it yesterday and I'm already finished it!


Ok heres how it works. CURRENTLY; If you use the Phone to call a specific number [006600], and select the option called Global Reset.
EDIT: Avaliable via PC once AI necro is defeated.
The game will reset and you'll be greeted by oak in the intro sequence.

Like a newgame+ in other games, All your Pokemon, Items, Money, eevee forms .etc Will carry over.

Heres some more info.


All key items (Day/Night system, chainsaw, pickaxe. etc) will be removed.
All other items will cary over.
Itemballs won't be reset (Items found on the world map)

All story events will be reset. Any sidequest stuff will be carried over.

All Pokemon will carry over (stored in PC)
All pokemon's attacks will carry over, but all their levels will be reset.\
All the pokemon will be set to Level 1 (except eevee forms)

Their stats will reset
BUT any boosted stats will remain (EG: I used a ATK up on my lv30 jolteon to increase its atk from 192 -> 195. When I reset, my level 8 jolteon
will have an attack stat that is 3 higher than normal)
If you evolved your pokemon- then they'll remain evolved. Meaning you can have a bunch of Lv1 Fully evolved pokemon.

This will totally be avalible in v0.30(the next version of demo)
It can be done at anytime. Don't need to actually finish the game to use the feature.


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