Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Phone and World Map

Nothing much to update, I've finished coding the mega mart in amplus city, added more refining items (around 80 now)

Im just making a team rocket event in Amplus city- A bit stronger this time due to them using geovannis pokemon. Im planning on having the rival help you. He'll slowly start turning good, but then an event in the game will cause him to turn to the dark side.

I've also created the basis of the phone system. It wont be overly complicated or anything. The main reason for it existing is that you can type in phone numbers, and some numbers will give you special items.

-Yeah. Basically ripped the MGS codec. :D

Also, im trying to code the map item. Heres the region map so far. The only bits that are finalized are the bits ive actually mapped out (the bits with E on it.)

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