Wednesday, December 29, 2010

v0.23 release, added pokemon

Yay! Got moved to Games Showcase :D

To celebrate;
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition - Beta v0.23
New Additions
-Pokemon Added: Pichu, Abra, Pidgey
-Route 6, Connecting Caves, Necro's Domain, Amplus City
-Necro Event Added
-Abiliy to buy houses- that connect.
-Updated mart system
-Rival encounters retro fitted
-Espeon form obtainable
-Some Glitches Fixed
-Badge Case works
-More refinable items

=Ends at Amplus City(Which is still under construction, but you can explore.)

Not a superhuge update, mainly created so people won't have to manually edit the RPG_RT.ini file. 3 More pokemon, pushing the total to 14. There is the necro event, The first AI you have to kill. Which grants you the ability to transform your Eevee into Espeon.

v0.2+ save files will transfer to this version with no problem. Just copy the save files (eg: "save01.lsd") and paste them in the "Pokemon Eevee v0.23" folder.

Upon loading the save file, the game will update the save- adding any items the previous version didn't have. (Eg: in v0.23 gyms now give you TM's upon defeat. If you have a 0.2 save file, and already beat the gym, the game will grant you the TM's of the gyms you have defeat upon loading the save file :D)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire - 16.7MB)
[Also uploading to rapidshare right now, but internet is acting up. :/

Just some screenies of the additional pokemon and the new city (the first "big city" of the game, like goldenrod and saffaron)

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