Sunday, January 23, 2011

Switching Teams


Heres some screens to show how the pokeshifting works. Just press 9 and your pokemon team will get switched

Inbattle switching is not avaliable. You can switch when out of battle.

It works in a simple way. Just press 9, and your team members will be removed, then the B team will be added.

everything works as nromal. Initally, your B team will be empty, you must switch to B team, go to the Box and withdraw the pokemon you want.
You CAN have the same pokemon in A and B teams. The inactive team will not be getting EXP, except the bonus EXP you get after battling trainers (and there will be a lot more trainers ;) )


^cool little banner made by mew_nani

Next Feature: Trainer Rank __________________

Pokedex revision

I now have 195 total pokémon. I want the number to be a nice number.

(image of pokemon avaliable.) (LARGE!)

201. is the target. Last chance to make suggestions. Theres 6 more spaces.
I need a pokemon with 3 evolution (because flyon is standing alone) and 3 others.

EDIT: Spheal is taking up the 3 spot. so theres 3 spots left.

Version Update v0.5

Andways! here it is!!!

Version Update: v0.5


Mediafire | Megaupload

Features (from prev post)

The new beta will have around 30minutes new gameplay.
-New Events: Flashbacks(4), Marina(3), History of AIs(elm), XDR encounter, Train Ticket.

-New Areas: Route 11, Khubla Desert South, Khubla Village, Tomb of the Sand King, Portus City(under construction), Route 12, Rainbow Tower(under construction)

-New Pokemon: Cacnea (khubla desert south), Shroomish (route 8)

-Eeveeon is avaliable.
-Regirock Summon
-Just for this beta... when you obtain regirock, you'll also obtain Lugia and Moltres. the latter two will be removed in v0.6. and will have to be obtained legitimetly.

Also for this beta, I'm fusing the Day/Night system with the Tile mode feature.
If you use the d/n system, you'll have 4 options


(I was originally planning v0.5 to go up to the next AI, so I had already created the feature, but I had to bring forward the release of v0.5 to solve the lag. so I've fused it with the day/night system for now, it will get it's own item next update )

-vs bars
-rebalanced enemies(plus new EXP yeild)
-Database restructured
-other minor stuff
-The rainbow is incomplete. But you can walk around it if you want. I've disabled saving inside the rainbow tower(and route 12) because if it could cause problems if that area is majorly changed.
-glitch fixes
-Optimisation to reduce lag(hopefully)

two stuff I forgot to mention:
-chapter structure. SPEE now has chapters. the beta runs til the end of chapter 6.
And... Credits at the end of the beta. You might see your name in there ;)

Also, due to popular demand. evil looking corrupted pokemon are returning. (not finalised)

Derailment Event

The Writing Staff
I'm happy to announce the 2 writers recriuted for this game.
BCKC and NikNaks.

They're gonna start the grammar reporting once v0.5 releases. They'll get access to an awesome exclusive Debug Mode.

Desert Events
Desert events are fully completed. including the regirock summon.

-Cacnea and shroomish have been added. Cacnea appears as a generic cactus (cacti?) in the vast Khubla Desert south, but it moves.

-The tomb of the king has a binary puzzle. You are given a "desired value"... a value between 0 and 255. You must have the "Tomb Value" match the desired value. There are 8 colums with switches on them. they change the tomb value. The first switch increases the tomb value by 1, the next by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and lastly 128. Using a combination of the switches, you can change the tomb value to any number... between 0 and 255.
So just get the right combo to get tomb value to match the desired value 3 times. Yay. if you pass the puzzle, you have learned binary.

But if you fail at life, you can just pay a guy in the tomb to pass the puzzle for you.

-The coloured orbs appear when summoning, the symbols are the japanese characters for "Call"

-I've partially rebuilt the rainbow tower. It has no content... but you can explore the lobbies and whatnot. Im hoping to have SOME of the saffar, quiz, arcade and prize zones completed. Probably just 1-2 (maps/quizpacks/minigames)

-Shroomish will be found in a bait spot in route 8(next to soluna forest).

-After you take the train back to amplus, you can take the train to Khubla village at any time.

-In the rainbow tower, if you approach the door from the top, you'll jump over it. Just a small thing I put in there to make traveling through the rainbow tower easier.

-Lastly, you may or may not have realised my avatar has changed. That man is Solid Snake. the greatest soldier alive, stright from the greatest game series Evr! /MGS fanboy

Khubla Village Rain Station

Sorry for not updating the blog 

Progress Update
Been working on the derailment event.

Light spoilers. No specific details.

Basically, a certain AI finds that you are seriously hampering his plans. So he decides to warp you to a desert, hundreds of kilometers millions of pixels away from home.

The khubla desert. a large desert in the Duorum region (second region)
The desert is split into 5 areas: north, south, east, west and dead in the center, Khubla village.

You get warped into the south desert. going south leads to a dead end (Need "Strength" to get past- which you don't have)

North leads to khubla village, the other parts of the desert is plauged with sandstorms- so you can't get past.

The only way out is the Rail system. you'll be needing to do a favour to get a ticket to the train. which leads to... Amplus city. Yep, it gets a brand new train station.

Heres the Khubla village and the updated amplus city containing the new rail system.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Eeveeon and Legendary Summons

Firstly... the "New" eevee form


Eevee was pretty underused by everyone. The elemental forms were far better to use. But what about now?

At a point in the game (early in the next beta version) an event will happen causing your Eevee to evolve into an Eeveeon.

Eeveeon will fully replace the Normal eevee form. You can still switch forms into the other evolutions at any time.

It has increased stats, a very varied movepool- containing moves from each of it's related elements. And It is the only Pokémon that can make use of Summons


Summons have now been added. Heres how it works

After defeating a rouge legendary(un-captured) They will agree to help you in battle.

The avalible summons will be visible in Eeveeon's movelist when out of battle. But if you select the attack command inbattle, it will only display eeveeon's normal moves.

The key is summon stones. These are rare items that are required for summoning legendaries. If you possess atleast 1, The summon command will appear. with it, you can select a legendary to summon.

A summoned pokemon will do a single attack.

When you summon a pokemon, you'll use up a summoning stone.
Without a summon stone, you cannon summon anything.

Minor form switch change

Eevee forms used to have the attack "Form Switch", Used to switch forms inbattle. but due to the way I had to program the summons, Its getting the axe. Instead, to switch forms inbattle, you'll have to use the Tetra Element (like out of battle). The up-side is that now any pokemon can activate the tetra element. so you can switch forms when it's not even eevee's turn.

New Map and Equips

New Map Style
Just finished up creating a new map style. It's the map style that the G/S map is done in. looks more authentic now.
Hers the old version

"New" version

the region finally has a name, Unam. latin for "one"
while the next region will be named "Duorum" meaning two, which you will visit for a bit in the next beta.


Updated Equips

Also, like I said updated equipments, heres how it looks now.
the status screens slightly modified. now the species will be displayed for all pokemon rather than only evolved. and lables are fixed.



I had only programmed 5 codes in, but I'll be adding a whole bunch more as there are 1 shy of a million possible combinations-. but spamming it with items could be overload. Eg: someone just starting the game could type in hundreds of codes to become overpowered before they even get their first pokemon.

I will be making a code redemption system in the rainbow tower prize zone. It will be different as it would have a cooldown period, maybe 1 code every 5 minutes.

I have 2 codes left so heres the second-to-last one. an
Ultima Potion. Fully heals the full team- as in, full HP, MP, removes bad status conditions and fully revives any dead.
(mega phoenix code and this code is a refrence to something.
+108 internets to whoever figures it out.)

Other Stuff

Thanks for the info, Yeah. pokemon are leveling a little faster than I want, I mean- your pokemon might reach level 100 before endgame.

Now, I'm planning to make a chocobo breeding type minigame. ("inspired" from FF7) Except I need a pokemon to replace the chocobos.

It needs to be a pokemon that can run fast. I want it to be ridable- but it's not manditory. would be nice, but can be done without.

The maze zone will be fused into the safari zone while the Race Zone will be taking it's place in the rainbow tower.

Also, Im tinkering with an idea... Once again, updating the evolution method.
Adding an item needed to evolve pokemon.
these won't be super hard to find or anything.

EG: to evolve charmeleon to charizard you need reach level 36 AND equip an item "Flight Wings" on it.
a "vibrant flower" to evolve ivysaur to vensauar
and "Rocket Cannons" to evolve to blastoise

Boxing Gloves to evolve Poliwhirl to poliwrath

If theres enough people interested in it, i might implement it.
might be another thing seperating it from the other pokemon games.

Flashbacks, Story Revisions and Codes.

As a new plot device, flashbacks appear when the main character goes to sleep at certain points of the game. Its the tale of twin brothers Tom and Randy(names are generic for a reason) who live in aurum town in generation 0. - Development time. when the game is getting developed.

there are currently 3 retroactive flashbacks, Meaning you people who transfer save files can still see them

The first one happens as soon as you start the game, it leads into the oak intro. -Just click new game, to see it. press F12 to reset game and load your save.

The second happens in route 6, must have defeated necro first.

The third happens in Tasto Creek, oak must have finished the day/night system.

The rest happen later past where v0.4 ends.

It's where I was originally using the gen1 tileset, then I realisied I could just use it for genral purpose. along with gen3 tiles.

Storyline Revision v4

Click here for SPOILERS!

Bad News
Well... I'm quiting the game dev-lol no.
Real bad news is im changing the leveling balance. 3-4 hours into the game and I already am at level 40 for all my pokemon.
Ill be trying to rebablance so it's more like the actual pokemon games. You should only be around level 40 when you finish the region.

Had almost forgotten I had added these. a 3 day late new years gift for you people playing.

Use the Cellphone and type in these numbers to get items

726625- Rare Candy
040815- Mega Phoenix (although says full phoenix)
111111- Berry

I still need GWD to come out before I reveal a "new" pokemon. :|

Monday, January 3, 2011

Direct Draw Error DDERR_EXCEPTION Error Fix

A post by Craighenn  @ pokecommunity informed me of an error which may be effecting you!

If you get the error "Direct Draw Error DDERR_EXCEPTION" upon starting the game- just read this,

I have a radeon 4870x2 gfx card, the x2 pretty much means its 2 cards in one, if i try to run any rpg maker game with both cards/cores enabled i get that exact error, so if you have something similar try to disable Catalyst A.I. in the Catalyst Control Center, just to clarify, this has nothing to do with the cores on your processor just the graphics card.

It might be possible the same error happens if you have cards in SLI or crossfire but either way, if you have one card with 2 cores or 2 cards, disable one of them and it should work, hope this helps so my sacrifice wasnt in vain 

Just disable crossfire mode using the catalyst crontrol center. or something like that. Should fix it.

Tile Modes


Ok Happy New Year!

going to the beach for 2 days.
Ill leave you with this.

It's the expansion of the day-night item.

Works as a light time traveling mechanic (later) ingame. rockslide happens- go back to gen 1 where the rockslide never happened.

bridge is getting built- just travel to gen3 where it's already built. etc.

It currently works that the tile swapping works by just... swapping tiles. It's easy to make happen. but it doesn't effect anything else.

It can be done in all routes and cities.
indoors, caves and forests aren't effected.