Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dojo and Gym

Ive finished up on the Iron Fist dojo and the amplus gym.
Heres some screenshots. (because textual updates are boring :P)

I've also updated the way you use the player house to move between cities, instead of showing you options of cities, it shows you a world map, and you can go to any city where you've bought a house.

Im gonna start mapping the forest i was talking about earlier. It's actually 2 forest, Luna and Sola Forest. But they both lie in the same space. Both have route 8 on the west, and route 7 on the east.

Heres the thing. Luna Forest can only be accessed at night. Sola forest can only be accessed at day. Mors Village is north of the forest- but it can only be accessed from the luna forest.

Yeah- but SPEE doesn't have a Day/night cycle(and it still won't). Ill explain it once i get it completed more.

Even with uni work, I'm still on schedule. Next demo in the next few weeks- By this weekend if im luckly.

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