Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Route 9, 10 and Video!



Progress Update
Im doing decent progress. I've decided I'll be polishing up where im currently up to. adding more events, sidequests and pokemon. I don't really want to advance with much mapping too much.

Media Update
EDIT: I made a video of the first 7 mins of the game.


Map Update
Just mapped out and connected Route 9 and 10.
-Route 9 is a pretty standard route. Theres a locked house with 3 padlocks. The keys are found in neibouring routes. Unlocking the house gives you a rareish item (leaf stone right now- may change at a later stage)

-Route 10 is rough terrain. Panphys, sandshrews and skarmories are found there. You can also find a corrupted phanpy that you can catch.

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