Friday, December 31, 2010

Databases and Evolution

I've overhawling my databases. complicated stuff, but has great benefits.

for the more technically inclined

RPGmaker 2003 has Heroes and Classes, heroes are characters, classes are... sorta like pokemon templates that you can apply to any character to turn them into whatever pokemon.

Having a large amount of characters cause lag though... but classes don't really effect performance.

I used to have it that all base pokemon were in the heroes section (charmander, caterpie, onix, etc) and the evolutions were in the classes (charmemeon, butterfree, steelix, etc) I restructed it so now all pokemon are in classes.

Even though I can only have around 150 heroes (starts lagging for people when I go above that) I can have lots of (probably over 9000) classes

So in a nutshell-
you can only have around 150 pokemon at a time BUT thoes 150 could from a selection of potentially 350+

In realitiy- because the way it's been programmed, of the 150 hero slots, aorund
~30 will be used for systems and stuff.
~80 will be normal prechosen pokemon
so that leaves around 40 "phantom slots" that can turned into any pokemon class i've programmed

these phantoms do have their downsides, like the inability to have proper PC box functions and whatnot and probably WON'T be avaliable in the next update.

Side-effect of that restructring of the database, is that it is timeconsuming. I've spent the last few days doing that. Ive finished databasing, but the TMs are currently broken. I did re-wire the evolving system- and improved it while i was doing that

Evolution Update
Remember that clunky levla stone system? well it's gone.
It's now replaced with a system that closely resembles the normal games.

Your pokemon will automatically trigger the evolution process once it reaches the requirements. Just hold down the cancel button to stop it evolving.

Some downsides is that it only checks for evolvable pokemon after each battle. that includes the evolution stones (eg: waterstone) So you have to equip it on a pokemon, then after a battle, the pokemon will try evolve.

the Levla stone will automatically be replaced with the Everstone. which also works exactly like the normal games. (but does increase defence when equiped)

Upcomming Stuff

I'm hoping to reveal a few new pokemon soon. well, one of them was sorta shown before... but its gonna have a full reveal.
Well, not today. You should see a teaser in the upcomming GWD.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The blog is up!

Find it hard to find the latest Super Pokemon Eevee Edition updates? Needing to thread through replies to find it? Well, your prayers have been answered.

The official blog will contain all the latest SPEE progress updates. Read the update then post your thoughts on the forum, or download the latest version of the beta.


Screenshot of upcomming events

Gen3 Devamps

Merry christmas and happy new year! not really a big update, I've been spending the last few days devamping all the genIII pokemon.

It's taken a while, but ive finished. With that- I can complete the gen3 part of the pokedex.So all is good.

For thoes who can't see it, all pokemon sprites from G/S/C had 4 colours, Black, White and 2 others. So I went by each pokemon sprite, and removed colours, changed shading and whatnot.(I another extra colour for some pokemon, Eg: Roselia, who is green, but has a red rose on one hand, while a blue one in the other.
(click to reveal devamp picture)


Ill be posting them in the resorce section tommorow. for people who wanna use em.

Now with that and the pokdex outta the way, I can continue with actual game progress

Pokedex Feature

Update [21/12/10]

Oh boy, christmas in a few days....

Anyways, been busy implementing the pokédex. im happy to say that it's in working condition now. Heres how it works.

Pokédex will be given the same time you get your eevee (will be automatically added to people who've passed that bit)

Theres 4 sections to the Pokedex.
-Gen 1
-Gen 2
-Gen 3
The generations are obvious. I had split them up so theres less scrolling.
They contain all standard scanned pokemon.
You can view the data on any pokemon you've obtained. the first page will show name, number, types, weight and height. the second page, just a short sentence or two about the pokemon(taken from the offical pokedex)

I've finished up the first and second generations, gotta do 3rd...

The obtained section is the pokemon you can/have caught.
I havent actually started this section, but i want it to be grand.
It will contain more detailed information, and more stuff, like all the pokemon's sprite through the generations and personal thoughts on the pokemon. Im just brainstorming, as, like i said, i havent actually started that yet.

To scan pokemon, all you have to do is to use the Pokédex inbattle. A sound effect will happen if you've got a new pokedex entry.
Any pokemon you catch/evolve will automatically be added to the pokedex too.

As of now, the scanning will be manual. It's a interesting sidequest that people can do if they finish the beta.
I'm still pondering whether to allow scanning in the saffari zone.

Overdrive Mode

new "feature" but not really a feature.

This is a patch of sorts- made by GameOverGamesProductions over at (better give credits)

If you apply this patch, it basically DOUBLES BATTLE SPEED.
you have to do some weird DLL injection thing each time you want to play- it's not really complicated, just follow the readme.
(if it doesnt work the first time, just try again)

ALSO: I suggest changing battle mode into wait- (main menu- switch active into wait)
this means the enemy's time bar won't fill up if you're making decessions.

Just thought some of you guys would want it. faster is always better.
I'll be incuding it in the next version download anyway.

Whack-a-Mole and Saffari Zone


I've been expanding the refining options. now it's increased from around 80 refinible items, to over 200. most TMs can be obtained via refining now.

Whack A Mole

I've finished up the whack a mole game. There are 9 holes. 3x3. The holes have numbers above them. It corrosponds to the numpad which (should be) on the right side of your keyboard.

Safari Zone

I've been developing the safari zone of the Rainbow Tower.
It works sorta like the games.. but different.

-You can catch infinite amounts of pokemon, but you only have a 5 min time limit.
-Using bait will cause the pokémon to be occupied for 3 turns. meaning they can't run away.
-throwing rocks will decrease their speed, meaning they'll react slower.
-If you catch pokemon, you gain points(exp). the rarer the pokemon, the more points you'll get.
-There'll be sevral "areas". im trying to make it that for every area you get a high score for, you'll obtain a Pokemon.
-Once the times up, the score will be converted into currency for the prize zone.

Story Update and Arcade Zone

Progress Update
I've been working on the rainbow tower- mainly the arcade zone and making minigames. The other thing i've been doing is expanding the refining system. you should be able to get every TM via refining in v0.5

Story Update

I've been making some storyline refinements.

In Portus City, theres the Sliph co. building. you're restricted to floors 1 and 2 only. you meet your rival there, by that point, you two are pretty freindly, probably considered ligetimate friends.
But on your way down the rainbow tower, the elevator malfunctions and sends you to a service tunnel that takes you to the underground entrance of Sliph co. building. filled with team rocket members, you find out that geovanni is actually the owner of sliph co. you guys fight, he escapes. find out that Your Rival is actually his son. and he's not too fond of his dad. yada yada yada.

M pinpoints location of next AI, Geosigma. who you eventually find to be geovanni (GASP) you defeat him, both of you get teleported to sliph co. building, Rival sees a dying geovanni, bawww father son moment, Rival is in rage mode, vows revenge, XDR (AI master) teleports him away, M teleports you away.

sh!t get's serious. Rival is now working with the AIs and controls all of team rocket.

Rainbow Tower
been mapping out rainbow tower. finished 1 minigame for the arcade zone.
Street Combat. 1v1 fighting game. get points to get rainbow credits that you can trade in the prize zone.
I've also made a "Street Combat: Overdrive" which is just a double speed version.

I'm planning to make
Street Combat 2
-better graphics, storyline.
Street Combat 3
-better graphics, multiple rounds
Wack A Mole (diglett?)
Random "Light Gun" shooter
and more.

Vs Bar, Marina and Rainbow Tower


Progress Update

Mapped out the next city- It's a harbor city.... named Portus City.
Kinda busy map. Unsure if it'll have a gym. probably will.
I'm Offically about 65% done of all mapping. so yay.

I spent 1 hour yesterday going through all text and changing Pokemon into Pokémon. Just figured out Alt+130. Innoying and time consuming. but needed to be done.

Vs Bar
Vs bar: Yeah- like HG/SS does it. more simplistic though. Appears before battling a gym leader, your rival and Team Rocket!


While I was testing for glitches in v0.4, I realised... there are no female main characters. So heres Crystal/Marina/Kris


You'll encounter her early in the game- for people transferring save games, you'll still be able to activate the events. She'll basically pop up from time to time informing you of any corrupted pokemon. you'll obtain her phone number later on (*wink* *wink*) and you can call her for locations of corrupted pokemon


Rainbow Tower

North of Portus City, there will be a newly opened... Rainbow Tower!
It's an amusment park. multiple zones. get points. obtain prizes.

If you've got ideas of other zones to add, just post it.

Route 11

Update [5/12/10]

heres just some interesting stuff i learned while I was playing, feel free to contribute your own.

No more PP? - Limit Break it

-Just happened to me while testing the haunter battle. I ran out of PP. had no ethers either. couldn't run form a boss battle, and struggle was doing pefetic damage. My charazard went into limit status- yay double stats. but I can't even do attacks (well- struggles were starting to do 40 damage now) but then every turn he regained 16Pp. 5% per turn. And- not your turn. after any attack that any pokemon does, you'll recover PP. So if your pokemon runs out of PP, just wait for him to limit and get back in the battle.

Dont like my team.

-Did you just find an awesome pokemon, but he's too low leveled to tag along with your main party? Well- newgame+ might be the thing to do. When you do it, you retain everything, except pokemon levels, and key items (for story events). Yeah- you'll can have a lv1 Blastoise with hydro pump.
All levels reseting mean you can have a fresh start, Instead of taking the same pokemon as before, you can select any of the pokemon you caught before. and they'll all be at the same level!

Progress Update
Just been fixing bugs, and mapping out the next areas (route 11 below)
The next city will be a harbour city- the first one in SPEE. so yay you'll be getting surf soon.

0.401 Patch

Patch Release v0.401
Size: 600kb
-Fixes the gastly evolution glitch.

Theres no need to upgrade to v0.401 if you're not gonna use a gastly. If you are- I suggest you download.

It's only 600kb, so it quick and simple.

Credits and AI video

Progress Update

Because of my fast progressing- I'll be making some small patches from time to time,

It should only be one-or less than an MB- contating a few files. just paste them in the Pokemon Eevee folder, and they'll update the game.

I'll be posting the patch to 0.401 soon. It will change the pokemon face icon mixups and fix the gastly evolution problems, add a few stuff and fixing any other glitches that get reported in the next few days.

Credits Update

Here's the current bugtesting credits list ( the '*' mean how much bugs you've reported. )

Bug Reports
-Sage Harpuia***


-Ehibika (all enemy attacks)
-Lockmaster24 (eevee HP % constats)
-Cilerba (for instant transition)

(Well- my credits would be pretty short without it as im the only one working on this game :P)

Video Update

I've finished up a cool graphical "video" thing when you ask elm about the AIs, Hopefully makes it easier to understand.

v0.4 Released!!

Version Update 0.4 [3/12/10]

Yay! It's here. WOOT! Almost halfway done. :)

Heres the main features in v0.4
-Pokemon Added: Snubbull, Phanpy, Diglett, Onix, Aron, Pineco, Poliwag and Haunter.
-Maps Added: Cave of the Dammed, Route 9, Route 10, Mine Valley, Ferreus Mines
-Rival Battle 4(retrofitted, Luna Forest), Morty's Gym, Rescue Miner, Jasmine's Medicine Quest + Gym
-Limitbreak System
-Attacks Overhawl
-New Game +
-Day/Night v2
-Added Quest Log
-More Oak sidequests
-More Refining

The first thing you'll notice, is that pokemon will have some attacks that say
AE in the discription. This means the attack will attack all the enemies. It should make taking down large groups easier. On the flipside, enemies also have attacks that hurt the whole team.

Also, with that- all your pokemon attacks should have gotten "refreshed".
It removes all attacks the pokemon learned (including TMs) and then updates it's movelist to v0.4 standards. I couldnt do anything about the TM situation, sorry.

Full Changelog:
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
v0.4 Changelog

Major Stuff:
-Attack overhawl: all pokemon learn lots more attacks- atleast 16 attacks per pokemon.
-New Attacks that target all enemies: all pokemon learn atleast 1. (earthquake, firespin, surf... etc)


-second bug (Caterpie/Weedle) and
-Second Kanto starter (Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander)
+Modify Croconaw -> Fishing
+Rare candy System replacing bitter bait.
+Corrupted pokemon graphics are now the 4th gen graphics.


Cave of the Dammed
Route 9
Route 10
Mine Valley
Ferreus Mines

Main Events:

-Rival 4
-Mors Gym (Morty:Ghost)
-Rescue Mine Master
-Get Pickaxe
-Jasmine Event
-Ferreus Gym (Jasmine:Steel)
-Team Rocket 4

+CrAtoS renamed to GeoSigma
+XxLionheartxX's type changed to Grass & Grass/Flying


-Bury Bones Quest
-Locked House sidequest
-2 more Oak Quests
-Get Dynamite
+Flux Compicator Buckeye sidequest changed to Oak sidequest


-Limit Break system
-Expanded Day/Night system
-Upon depositing a pokemon, all their equipement will be automatically unequiped
-More Trophies
-Questlog Item functioning (though incomplete)
-Eevee's form changing now uses HP% rather than direct.
-Manman Alert System
-Bitter Bait- replaced With Rare candy dual system.
-New AI boss music.
-Trainer Card expanded (Est. Play Time, Saves etc.)
-New Game +


Version 0.4
Size: 18.2 MB

Progress Update

I'm gonna be spending the next few days vastly expanding the refining system. Allowing all TMs to be made. I'll be buzzing around here to answer questions and whatnot.

Speaking of refining- I made this image tutorial to better explain the advantages of refining.

Limitbreaking and Soul Challenge

Update [1/12/10]

Progress Update

bugtesting has been good so far. release is on track for... late tomorrow. fixed some bugs, made some modifications including.....

-AI battle music is now changed. It's now the Jenova Battle music from FF7. has a nice digital AI type tone.
-If you deposit a pokemon, all their equipment will be unequiped; so no hunting for an item you forgot to unequip.
-Second kanto bug pokemon can now be obtained (caterpie/weedle)
-Bitter Berry catching system has been sorta replaced. Bitter berries don't exist anymore. Instead- you bait pokemon with... Rare Candies. It has a nice duality. Level up a pokemon you already have... or catch a new one?
-questlog item has been added. database of sidequests and trophies. Is a work in progress.

Other features i've been brainstorming, but couldn't implement yet; auction houses, additional pokemon to adopt, Crystal- the female character of g/s/c- she will be met in various parts of the game(and can be called), informing if she's seen any corrupted pokemon.

Feature Update

While I was bugtesting, my HP dipped below 25%- HP turned yellow. My brother asked if it had a limitbreak system (like FF8), I said no. He said I should put one in. I... initally dismissed the idea, as being too hard to implement... but the more I thought about it. the more easier it sounded.

So here it is. The Limit system. Fully intergrated in v0.4.

So- whenever your HP reaches below 25%. You'll enter limit mode.
In this mode your PP will slowly recover (5% per turn) but more importantly.. All your stats (minus HP and PP) will DOUBLE.
so that double Attack, Defence, Special and Speed.

It just makes desperate situations more interesting. And adds a new way to play, gambling by keeping your HP low, to get massive benefits. Also, it's a feature which I've never seen in much/any pokemon game.

Event Update

SPEE lacks a trading system. So you'll be getting them ingame. So why save it up... You can get your second Kanto starter as soon as you get the first- but with strings attached.

Upon completing the poke academy and obtaining the first starter pokemon, you'll be asked my the academy master if you want to do the Soul Challenge. Its a single battle against the academy master. But he is very powerful. He even carries a legendary pokemon. He is stronger than the 5th gym leader. So yeah...


Jasmine Event

Update [24/11/10]

Progress Update
I've just finished the Jasmine event and Gym Battle. Im basically finished the core update. Now I just need to do some small tweaks and testing for gamebreaking events. v0.4 would be finished this weekend, but I'm picking up Gran Turismo 5 tommorow. So that target is unlikely. Probably mid/late next week.


Added Pokemon for v0.4

UPDATE [15/11/10]
Just a minor-ish update today.

Pokemon Update
Added in a few more pokemon that you'll be able to catch in 0.4
I've already shown the bone grave sidequest and Gengar, there will also be...

Oinx: which will be a forced boss battle in the ferreus mines,
Aron: (GASP! gen3) Optional boss in the mines.
Snubull: A kid on route 9 will sell it if you have 5 badges.
Phanpy: Route 10. optional boss.
Poliwag: Must fish in the spot in Route 4 (i've also changed so that totodiles must be fished for too, at imbibo lake though.)
also im currently adding
Pineco: Found at night, at a location im still currently deciding.
Diglett: In the connecting caves.

Night Modev2 and Gastly

UPDATE [13/11/10]

Progress Update

Im hoping to have version 0.4 out in about 2 weeks. hopefully earlier. The jump from v0.25 to v0.40 doesnt mean it will be a huge content update. It just indicates my progress due to the storyline reformation. So while before I was a quater way done.

Version 0.4 will focus more on sidequests and content rather than story progression. I want there to be something to do in every town. more variety of wild pokemon

my estimates of total progress are..
Mapping- 50%
Systems- 60%
Database- 87%

Story Scripting- 40%
Pokemon- 50%
Badges- 60% (4/8 badges completed. 5th in development)
AIs- 40%

So around 50-60%
(but next version will be v0.4 - giving me 20% leeway)

Event Update

In the ~cave of the dammed~ you'll see a bunch of bones lying around. There will also be a path which is mysteriously blocked. If you talk to the village sage, she will inform you that there are restless sprits blocking the deeper parts of the cave. To calm them down, you need to bury the bones.

Anyways, after calming down the sprits, you gain access to the deeper parts of the cave- where a corrupted gengar lies wait. (it's actually the haunter that you fight earlier, but evolved)

Feature Update

I used to have a basic day/night system for storyline purposes. It just used to change the time of day in a specific forest. The time of day would change depending on the number of pokemon battles (even = day/ odd = night) and was only used in the forest....
Well. I've decided to expand upon it. As of v0.4; you can actually use the Day/Night system item. By using it, you'll be asked if you want to activate the day/night system. doing so(and going to another map) will cause the map to go into night mode.

Its just a visual effect. But ill be adding some pokemon which can only be caught in the dark (random enemies won't change in the night though. just event pokemon) EG: a wild pineco can be found

;) stay tuned for more updates.

Route 9, 10 and Video!



Progress Update
Im doing decent progress. I've decided I'll be polishing up where im currently up to. adding more events, sidequests and pokemon. I don't really want to advance with much mapping too much.

Media Update
EDIT: I made a video of the first 7 mins of the game.


Map Update
Just mapped out and connected Route 9 and 10.
-Route 9 is a pretty standard route. Theres a locked house with 3 padlocks. The keys are found in neibouring routes. Unlocking the house gives you a rareish item (leaf stone right now- may change at a later stage)

-Route 10 is rough terrain. Panphys, sandshrews and skarmories are found there. You can also find a corrupted phanpy that you can catch.

Ferreus Mines and Story Update


Progress Update
The main thing is... ferreus mine is finally completed... after 2 months :P

Anyway. back on track- I've decided to scale back the project
Initally there was going to be 3 parts of the game,
First Part- defeating AIs, getting badges (50%)
Second Part- finding red and XDR (35%)
Third Part- in codeworld, final showdown with zero (15%)

I've decided that Version 1.0 (the full release) will only go up to part 1. To make it easier on me.
It will end normally, after defeating the champion, the path to the final AI will open. defeating it will be strightforward. It will also attract more people to the game.

Now, If i don't run out of steam, then I can finish up Part 2 and 3 easily.

for refrence, I'm over halfway done on part 1. :D

Storyline Update
(highlight to reveal spoilers)
Originally, the AIs would hire Team rocket to kill you, but that didn't really make any sense.
Then I thought it would be fitting if Geovanni himself was actually the next AI. 2 birds. 1 stone. This leaves Silver(the rival) being the son of an AI.
not sure what to do about that. whatever. probably got M to create a son for him.

Silver turns to the darkside after you kill geovanni/CraToS

I'm gonna be starting that next.

Map Update
Mine valley is complete. I decided to recolour the insides, to emphasise the metallic mine.
It looks nice. imo.

In the game, upon nearing the exit, a cave-in happens, team rocket tried to kill you by causing the rocks to
fall on you, but failed. only create a blockade

Still an innoyance though. Luckly theres a bunch of alternative tunnels that lead to the exit.
Unluckly, they're closed off. You'll have to go to the Miner from the ghost town to give you some dynamite.
To blow open the tunnels. You are only given 5 sticks of dynamite. You can actually get out using 3, but there lots of other tunnels containing items.
yay. So you must decide what is more important.



Anyways, just wanted to remind you- you can help too! See any spelling mistakes or bugs? post them, and you'll get a spot in the credits :D

Also, any ideas for quests or features would be cool. Any difficulty changes that need to be made. Is leveling too easy? Is one of the bosses too hard. etc.etc. One of the folk said I should change Eevee forms HP change by percentage. And I did it. Another guy said attacks which target all enemies would be nice. And guess what- its comming in 0.3

EDIT: The Views...... It's Over 9000!!!! Over 10,000 actually. Nice Job!. More replies would be nice, you lurkers!

Mine Valley


New Area: Mine Valley
Mine valley is to the west of Ferreus City. Its like any other routes, theres grassy patches which contain spearows and fearows, theres a bunch of cracked rocks, It's also surrounded by caves(Ferreus Mine). theses multiple cave entrances, leading you to different parts of the mine.

Arons, lairons and oinx live in the mine. Also, there will be a corrupted Steelix deep within the mine.


New Game+



I am now going through every event in the game, using an online spellchecker to check all my spellings. It may take some time.
but I do hate typos. Problem is I don't even realise my spelling.

I've gone through all the main strory events fixing grammar errors.
I'm going to now go through all the optional dialog.

New Feature

My friend was talking about how he has nothing to do in SS anymore.He want's to restart, but doesn't want to loose any of his pokemon.
The idea was already in my head, but It sounded hard to do.... I started coding it yesterday and I'm already finished it!


Ok heres how it works. CURRENTLY; If you use the Phone to call a specific number [006600], and select the option called Global Reset.
EDIT: Avaliable via PC once AI necro is defeated.
The game will reset and you'll be greeted by oak in the intro sequence.

Like a newgame+ in other games, All your Pokemon, Items, Money, eevee forms .etc Will carry over.

Heres some more info.


All key items (Day/Night system, chainsaw, pickaxe. etc) will be removed.
All other items will cary over.
Itemballs won't be reset (Items found on the world map)

All story events will be reset. Any sidequest stuff will be carried over.

All Pokemon will carry over (stored in PC)
All pokemon's attacks will carry over, but all their levels will be reset.\
All the pokemon will be set to Level 1 (except eevee forms)

Their stats will reset
BUT any boosted stats will remain (EG: I used a ATK up on my lv30 jolteon to increase its atk from 192 -> 195. When I reset, my level 8 jolteon
will have an attack stat that is 3 higher than normal)
If you evolved your pokemon- then they'll remain evolved. Meaning you can have a bunch of Lv1 Fully evolved pokemon.

This will totally be avalible in v0.30(the next version of demo)
It can be done at anytime. Don't need to actually finish the game to use the feature.


Mors Village



I will try pay attention to my grammar a little bit more.

I finished the whole attack revamp. All basic pokemon will learn atleast 11 attacks. More when they evolve. Most of the movelists are taken from Gen4. With some additional attacks

EG: Squirtle
Before -Tackle, tailwhip, bubble, withdraw, watergun, bite, rapidspin, protect, rain dance, skull bash (10)

After - Tackle, tailwhip, bubble, withdraw, watergun, bite, rapidspin(AE), protect, water pulse, aquatail, skull bash, Shell shift, Spin Cycle(AE) + Hydro pump(when evolved.) (14)

But starters always had a decent amount of attacks. More common pokemon is where it starts taking effect

before - leer, tackle, horn attack, double kick, poiosn sting, focus energy, fury attack, horn drill (8)

After - peck, leer, focus energy, double kick, fury attack, helping hand, horn attack, poison spikes, acid armour, poison jab, screech, horn drill + Trash, earthpower, megahorn (15) when evolved into nidoking.

before - leech life, supersonic, bite, confuse ray, wing attack, scary face, haze
after - all above + astonish, air cutter (AE), mean look, Air slash(AE), poison fang, fly

^^^ youre probably wondering what (AE) means. It means all enemies. Yep. Attacks that attack all enemies.

I've tried make every pokemon have atleast 1 area attack.
rapidspin, trash, swift, tri attack, razor wind,
bullet seed, leaf blast(new), leaf bommerang(new)
Water whip, surf, spin cycle
fire spin, lava plume
shock wave, discharge
rock slide, rock tomb,
magnitude, bonemerang, earthquake,
air cutter, air slash,
And more...

As soon as you start up the next version of the demo, then all your pokemon's movelist will be updated. only downside is that any previousl learned TM moves will also be erased :|

I've finished up everything in Mors Village. The gym and cave events are done.heres some screenies


v0.25 Released!

Good news peoples!

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition v0.25

==Added Events==
Rival Battle 2(retrofitted, Resta Falls), Team Rocket Encounter #3, Dojo Challenge, Whitney's Gym, AI Battle: Lionheart, Obtaining the Day/Night System

==Added Maps==
Route 7, Sola Forest, Route 8, Lion's Den,
Ferreus City, Luna Forest, Mors Village (7)

==Added Pokemon==
Nidoran(M), Bellsprout, Chikorita, Natu,
Houndour, Hoothoot, Tyrouge, Teddiursa (8)

Mid Battle Eevee Switching, Badge Case, Map, Phone
Improved Eevee Selection, House Relocation update,
TM Compatibility update and More Refining Options

=Umbreon Form Obtainable==

(Total of 6 forms; Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon,
Espeon and Umbreon avalible by the end of demo)

------DOWNLOAD NOW---------

SPEE v0.25 || 17.2 MB

Lionheart Event

I've finished coding the Lionheart event. So that's good news.
Gonna start mapping the next two cities, then I'll have to add in more catchable pokemon, beef up the amount of refining items(and add in a refining tutorial).

v0.24 Progress- 75%

Main Update

Like I said before, Lionheart event has been done. A good thing about the otherworld is that I can add some interesting puzzles. I've ran with the day/night refrence(plus lionheart is the controller of enviroment.)

Ok... the upon entering the Lions den you'll be a little confused.
Black/brown tiles can be always walked on. Theres 2 other catergories of tiles. the day(green) tiles and the night (blue) tiles.

Theres switches all over the place. Green swtiches will allow you to walk on day tiles, the blue switchs will allow you to walk on night tiles.

Heres a screenshot map, try see if you can solve it.(theres a link to the solution at the end)

Heres the solution.

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Fingers crossed for v0.24 being out by the end of the weekend. But It's looking unlikely. Most Definely out before next sunday.

Route 8 and Ferreus Town

Progress has been sorta slow due to school. :/
Most of the work has been background stuff. I did program in
Ferreus Town.(latin for hard). It will be avalible in the demo, but the gym will be closed.

v0.24 Demo Progress = 85%


Mapping Progress


Ive added in Natu and Chikorita in sola forest, they will join your team at lv 17 and 18. Now i have to add in houndour and hoothoot in luna forest. I also need to add poliwag in route 4(which i forgot to add in v0.23). Ill try add in a cuebone and ghastly too, but no promises.

I've also added in...Rare Candies. Yay...

v0.24 Progress- 78%


Just shows you how much of the region will be avalible as of 0.24.
According to this... Im at around 50% of the region :O.


From the looks of things... I'll be having a serious pacing problem around the pokemon leauge.

On one hand you are about to try and become champion. on the other hand, You're gonna have to fight "XDR".. the Master of the AIs.

I will probably make it that you will fight XDR right after the battle against the pokemon champion. OR that XDR is the final battle of the pokemon leauge
.................which would only be the end of the first chapter.

Or maybe I'll just postpone the pokemon leauge until a later time (start of chapter 2, or after the end of chapter 3)

Another problem is the region. I don't know where Chapter 2 is going to take place. Making another full fledged region seems too much work(and too time consuming)

Chapter 1- Defeat the AIs - First Region
Chapter 2- Finding Red and XDR - ?
Chapter 3- The Final Showdown - Upper Coding <spoiler> the world would be destroied, so the final chapter takes place entirely in the code world.

I could make it a small region, like the sevii islands or something.
Or maybe a mix of a small new region, the old region, the code world, and the Gen3 world(as you see while talking to M for the first time).

Meh. Ill decide when I get there.

Sola/Luna Forest

Good news. update.
I had no update yesterday, had school from 9-5, then work from 6-8. :/
but thursdays and fridays are generous to me.

I've finished mapping the Luna/Sola forest.
Ok so heres how it works.

SPEE was going to have a day/night system. It reached early alpha stage-

XxLionheartxX the controller of enviroments had remodeled one area of the game to work with the day/night system. a forest that morps depending on the time of day. He made it that mors village was only accessible during night- it was cool gimmic to show off the day/night system.... but.

then the Master AI: XDR announced his plan to destroy the world. It would be useless further developing the day/night system. so it was cancelled.

Now the forest is stuck in a state of eternal sunlight. meaning that Mors village has become in-accessible.... Which means the 4th gym badge is out of your grasp.

M has a solution. Retrive the sorce code for the day/night system and reactivate it so it will work on the forest. Allowing it to change from day to night..

But who has the sorce code? no other than the AI XxLionheartxX- coincidently, the next AI you were going to eliminate.
Because of a total lack of ingame clock, the forest you appear in will depend on the amount of battles you've done (even = sola, odd = luna). -I dont want people having to wait for the right time of day to advance.

Ironically, defeating XxlionheartxX will not only grant you luna forest, but it will also give you the umbreon form :)


I also added in the Map Item. Actually you have it in your bag from v0.2+ but it was not usable. in 0.24 it will be fully usable. showing you your location and all.

I'm hoping to get the XxlionheartxX event done tommorow. then program route 8 and mors city. If i can do them on time, then demo v0.24 should be out by monday.... hopefully.

Dojo and Gym

Ive finished up on the Iron Fist dojo and the amplus gym.
Heres some screenshots. (because textual updates are boring :P)

I've also updated the way you use the player house to move between cities, instead of showing you options of cities, it shows you a world map, and you can go to any city where you've bought a house.

Im gonna start mapping the forest i was talking about earlier. It's actually 2 forest, Luna and Sola Forest. But they both lie in the same space. Both have route 8 on the west, and route 7 on the east.

Heres the thing. Luna Forest can only be accessed at night. Sola forest can only be accessed at day. Mors Village is north of the forest- but it can only be accessed from the luna forest.

Yeah- but SPEE doesn't have a Day/night cycle(and it still won't). Ill explain it once i get it completed more.

Even with uni work, I'm still on schedule. Next demo in the next few weeks- By this weekend if im luckly.

Bitter Bait, In-Battle eevee switching

Pretty good one today :D.
Bitter Bait
In some routes there will be baiting spots.
Corrupted pokemon enjoy eating Bitter Bait.
You can lay down bitter bait. Every time you enter the area, you *might* find a corrupted pokemon eating the bitter bait.
If you do find the corrupted pokemon, you can fight, defeat and catch it.

Thats not really that different than normal corrupted encounters, except that bitter bait is hard to find, its a rare item.
You have to be careful with the bait, you can only use one per bait spot. So if you find a bait spot, Don't be hasty, as you might find another bait spot containing a better pokemon later.

Bitter bait is rare, but there will be enough bitter bait for all bait spots.
Ive programmed in 2 bait spots so far, one in route 2(outside waterfall) in which a Corrupted Nidoran (M) can be found, and one in route 3, in which a corrupted bellsprout can be found.
More to be added before next demo.

Switching Eevee Forms Update
I was looking over the original post, and It said "Eevee can evolve and devolve anytime"
That was not true. In a battle you were locked in the current form.... WELL NO MORE!
Im excited to announce an awesome feature.

Real time- In battle Eevee Switching!

Yep, starting v0.24 (comming soon) you can switch forms in battle! All forms of eevee will come equiped with an "attack" called Form Switch! Click on it, and then select the form you want.
To dicourage overuse, switching inbattle will cost Eevee some PP, either a set amount or a percentage. So people would want to swtich eevee forms before getting into a battle, but they can do it mid-battle if loosing some PP isn't a big deal.

EDIT: Bitter bait gets an replaced with rare candies. Meaning you can either choose to level up your existing pokemon, or catch new ones. nice balance.

If all goes well- v0.24 will be out sometime in the next two weeks.

Team Rocket Event #3

Ive finished the third rocket encounter event. They've biggs and wedge have decided to "borrow" geovanni's pokemon and are wreaking havoc in Amplus City. You decide to save the day. You kill both Nidoqueen and king, but they have 4 more pokemon!

Ah, but your rival comes along. He and team rocket have some history *wink* *wink* and TR run off.


It's slowly building up the rival's character, He goes from being a rotten theif, to becomming a good trainer, actually helping you at times, then due to an event

You kill his father, the AI, Geosigma. He goes and joins the darkside and joins the rest of the AIs.

Im currently finishing off Whitney's gym battle. Shes a normal type, but luckly theres a dojo in the northen route. The prize for beaing the dojo master is a fighting pokemon (either tyrouge or machop - i havent decided)
After that there will be a forest, where you can obtain a chicorita. And then the next AI elimination. And thats where the next demo/update should end.

Phone and World Map

Nothing much to update, I've finished coding the mega mart in amplus city, added more refining items (around 80 now)

Im just making a team rocket event in Amplus city- A bit stronger this time due to them using geovannis pokemon. Im planning on having the rival help you. He'll slowly start turning good, but then an event in the game will cause him to turn to the dark side.

I've also created the basis of the phone system. It wont be overly complicated or anything. The main reason for it existing is that you can type in phone numbers, and some numbers will give you special items.

-Yeah. Basically ripped the MGS codec. :D

Also, im trying to code the map item. Heres the region map so far. The only bits that are finalized are the bits ive actually mapped out (the bits with E on it.)

New eevee selection screen and font fix

Originally Posted by Riceeman View Post
I really like the look of this game, it's really awesome! Good work.

The fonts are screwed up, even after installing the necessary fonts onto my computer. Is there any solution?
Thanks, Im not sure about the font fix, it should have fixed itself when you install the RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts.
Try use this link to download these fonts, then install these. Does anyone else have this problem after installing the RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts? If thats the case I'll just pack in the extra fonts into the game file.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Second simester of uni has started... :(
I dont mind it, get to see and hang out with friends, play adhoc PSP games with em.

Anyways, Ive been adding more items to refine, and finishing off the mega mart.
I also improved the Tetra Element feature. It just looks a lot nicer. Because I can only have 4 options per message box, you have to press back(esc,x,c,v or n) to bring up the other 4.

For the benefit of everyone, Ill be putting out a minor updates every time I can. Mabye one every 2 weeks- if I can.
And a large update when theres enough content. (maybe every 2 months)

no solid timeframe, I don't know how much free time I'll have due to uni.

v0.23 release, added pokemon

Yay! Got moved to Games Showcase :D

To celebrate;
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition - Beta v0.23
New Additions
-Pokemon Added: Pichu, Abra, Pidgey
-Route 6, Connecting Caves, Necro's Domain, Amplus City
-Necro Event Added
-Abiliy to buy houses- that connect.
-Updated mart system
-Rival encounters retro fitted
-Espeon form obtainable
-Some Glitches Fixed
-Badge Case works
-More refinable items

=Ends at Amplus City(Which is still under construction, but you can explore.)

Not a superhuge update, mainly created so people won't have to manually edit the RPG_RT.ini file. 3 More pokemon, pushing the total to 14. There is the necro event, The first AI you have to kill. Which grants you the ability to transform your Eevee into Espeon.

v0.2+ save files will transfer to this version with no problem. Just copy the save files (eg: "save01.lsd") and paste them in the "Pokemon Eevee v0.23" folder.

Upon loading the save file, the game will update the save- adding any items the previous version didn't have. (Eg: in v0.23 gyms now give you TM's upon defeat. If you have a 0.2 save file, and already beat the gym, the game will grant you the TM's of the gyms you have defeat upon loading the save file :D)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire - 16.7MB)
[Also uploading to rapidshare right now, but internet is acting up. :/

Just some screenies of the additional pokemon and the new city (the first "big city" of the game, like goldenrod and saffaron)

Catchable Pokemon v1

Im just adding in some more catchable pokemon.
A pidgey, abra, poliwag and pichu.

Speaking of which.


This is the full pokedex. All pokemon that will be CATCHABLE in the game.
Wild pokemon will be plentiful. Species from gen1,2,3 and 4. But because of the hero's lack of pokeballs, he can only obtain them by beating corrupted versions of them Or reciving as gifts.
Ive chopped down some of the filler pokemon. Theres a good selection of each type from Gen 1 + 2 (Wevile, Leafeon and Glaceon are the exceptions)

This is the first version, expect revisions of this list later on.

Legendaries will act as Optional Super Bosses (like WEAPONs in FF games) Not catchable (minus mew)
-mainly because people don't usually use legendaries in general game.



















































121- Eevee
122- Vaporeon
123- Jolteon
124- Flareon
125- Umbreon
126- Espeon
127- Leafeon
128- Glaceon


Necro Event and Storyline.

The demo goes til you get cut/Chainsaw. -its found on the route 5 (south of the fishermen)

Update :D
Anyways finished the Necro Event.

For every AI you defeat you'll obtain a Tetra Element peice (used for changing eevee forms)
-Necro = Espeon
-XxlionheartxX = Umbreon
-Geosigma = Leafeon
-Vanish_21 = Glaceon

Story Update. Yays.


The creator created a world of pokemon.
The creator then created an AI, called Zero.
Zero was a success, It was able to oversee the world.
The creator then made 4 other AIs; XxLionheartxX, Vanish_21, Geosigma and Necro.
Therese were dubbed Type 1 AIs.
The creator soon found a flaw in Zero's programming.
The creator then created a new Master AI called XDR, a Type 2 AI.
Zero was demoted to a sub AI. His master privelages were removed.
All was well.
But this did not last long.... Zero's code mutated. It gained the ability to absorb code.
Zero broke off from the AI network, taking a chunk of the game along with it.
The creator managed to restore the code, he also made another AI based of XDR's code, M. Both M and XDR are Type 2 AIs
Everybody thought Zero had died. His code could not be found. The creator then left the world.
Zero was actually wondering around the otherworld, absorbing unused peices of code. trying to restore his power.
Zero eventually gained enough power to match XDR.
Zero then used his new powers to delete XDR. XDR knew zero was going to defeat him, so XDR retreted to the game code.

Zero then changed to appear just like XDR.

Although Zero is the most powerful thing inside both Code and Game worlds. Hes still stuck inside the game.
The forth wall. The forth wall is what keeps the game contained., because of it no extra code can go in, or got out... Into reality.

The only person who can break through the forth wall is the creator.

Zero wants a total reset so he can absorb the code, and become massively superiour. At the same time, creating chaos.
When something terrible happens to the actual game code(in this case, deletion of the game);

The creator will come back; breaking the forth wall, to try and fix the problem. Zero plans to use this to
leak into reality. It will allow him to became a Super Viris and spread through the internet.

None of the other AIs know of Zeros plan. M, being the controller of creation and evolution
has grown attached to all the pokemon and NPCs she has created.
Her advanced Type 2 code allows her to break her programming and try to call for help.

Using her powers of creation and evolution; she creates a super Eevee. She inserts 5 virises inside it.
Four Type 1 virises (for lionheart, vanish, chaos and necro). Also, One Type 2 Viris for XDR.

TL;DR = Creator makes AI's that control world. An evil AI(Zero) is impersonating the Master AI (XDR). Wants to destory world, so the creator would come in and try restore the world (but breaking the 4th wall in the process) -Zero would then leak into reality- use internet to troll everyone.

Story Progression

Chapter 1 (40% of game)
You (the hero) is born
Oak gives you an Eevee
Encounter an AI called M
M explains the total reset situation
M activates Eevees viris powers.
You kill Necro
Kill Lionheart
Kill Cratos
Kill Vanish
Fight "XDR".
Use the Type 2 viris.
It doesnt work."XDR" Reveals he is actually Zero. A type 1 AI. Type 2 viris wont work on him.
Zero says he killed XDR.
Zero reflects the viris on M.
M dies -obtain her AI chip.
Zero banishes you to the VOID.

Chapter 2 (40% of game)
Wake up in the void. A graveyard of code.
Obtain the Spaceship called Ragnarok.
Escape the void
contact Oak. He can rebuild M by using her AI chip.
M tells you that she can sense XDR's code. He must be alive.
Must make contact with Red. He would know where XDR is
...... Random plotlines
Find red.
Find XDR
Fight Zero again
World gets wiped out (the code world still remains)

Chapter 3 (20% of game)
Final showdown.
The eve of the creators arrival.
Kill Zero
Creator restores the World to how it was before destruction.

---- Seems good, but I dont know if I should tie in the the pokemon leauge, maybe becomming champion and saving the world should exist sepratley.

Ill have the next version of the beta up in a couple of days. its a minor update- It's mainly to fix some of the glitches, and more importantly the Runtime error. so you wont have to manually edit the RPG_RT.ini

Im trying to wonder if this could get moved to the game showcase section. And if there would be much benefit.

Elemental cards.

I'm currently doing the Event where you have to kill the first AI.

Ive been working on the elemental cards minigame. It's actually avalible in the current demo, but is only text based. I added graphics in to make it better.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rival update, some DEvamps.

Im currently retrofitting in the rival. Putting him in events. He will have stolen all 3 jotoh starters. in the first battle you'll fight all three, but later he'll only use the starter that would be strong against the eevee form you're currently in.
flareon-> totodile
vaporeon -> chikarita
jolteon -> chikarita (thunder is not effective on grass :/ )
espeon ? (random, or croconaw, because he has Crunch)
umbreon ? random.
leafeon -> cyndaquil
glaceon -> cyndaquil

Text only updates are boring.
Heres some 3rd gen sprites that I devamped a while ago.

Update - AIs, Necro Forms, Route 6 and Home Base

World is run by AI's ever since the creator left.

XDR- The Overseer of the AIs. The big bad boss guy, main villan of the game.
M- Controller of Creation and Evolution (the one who contacts the hero)
Necro- Controller of Death
Vanish_21- Controller of Battle
XxLionheartxX- Controller of Systems
GeoSigma- Controller of Enviroments

Zero- The old controller of Creation and Evolution. Went missing just before Generation 1 was finished. It may or may not come up in the storyline

Anyway. AI's will act as bosses that you'll have to defeat. '
Unlike gym battles, you actually fight the AI. they have no pokemon, instead they pokemon attacks. They all have humanoid forms.
which slowly degrade to reveal their twisted forms.

Necro will be the first you are ment to defeat. excelling at Dark/Steel/Ghost

Basic Form

Hybrid Form

Fury Form

Pure Form

HOME BASE-In every city, you can buy a house. You can name this house.
All instances of the house are the same, and interconnected. If you enter a house in city A, it would be the same house as city B. Also, by using the computer in the entrance, you can select your exit destination- The exit can be any house you've purchased.

It also acts as a replacement for HM fly.


Ive completed route 6/connecting caves
heres some screenies. It's basically a copy of the Ruins of Alph from Johto. 

Support banner if you want.

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my pokecommunity thread will come first, then the blog.

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