Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Necro Event and Storyline.

The demo goes til you get cut/Chainsaw. -its found on the route 5 (south of the fishermen)

Update :D
Anyways finished the Necro Event.

For every AI you defeat you'll obtain a Tetra Element peice (used for changing eevee forms)
-Necro = Espeon
-XxlionheartxX = Umbreon
-Geosigma = Leafeon
-Vanish_21 = Glaceon

Story Update. Yays.


The creator created a world of pokemon.
The creator then created an AI, called Zero.
Zero was a success, It was able to oversee the world.
The creator then made 4 other AIs; XxLionheartxX, Vanish_21, Geosigma and Necro.
Therese were dubbed Type 1 AIs.
The creator soon found a flaw in Zero's programming.
The creator then created a new Master AI called XDR, a Type 2 AI.
Zero was demoted to a sub AI. His master privelages were removed.
All was well.
But this did not last long.... Zero's code mutated. It gained the ability to absorb code.
Zero broke off from the AI network, taking a chunk of the game along with it.
The creator managed to restore the code, he also made another AI based of XDR's code, M. Both M and XDR are Type 2 AIs
Everybody thought Zero had died. His code could not be found. The creator then left the world.
Zero was actually wondering around the otherworld, absorbing unused peices of code. trying to restore his power.
Zero eventually gained enough power to match XDR.
Zero then used his new powers to delete XDR. XDR knew zero was going to defeat him, so XDR retreted to the game code.

Zero then changed to appear just like XDR.

Although Zero is the most powerful thing inside both Code and Game worlds. Hes still stuck inside the game.
The forth wall. The forth wall is what keeps the game contained., because of it no extra code can go in, or got out... Into reality.

The only person who can break through the forth wall is the creator.

Zero wants a total reset so he can absorb the code, and become massively superiour. At the same time, creating chaos.
When something terrible happens to the actual game code(in this case, deletion of the game);

The creator will come back; breaking the forth wall, to try and fix the problem. Zero plans to use this to
leak into reality. It will allow him to became a Super Viris and spread through the internet.

None of the other AIs know of Zeros plan. M, being the controller of creation and evolution
has grown attached to all the pokemon and NPCs she has created.
Her advanced Type 2 code allows her to break her programming and try to call for help.

Using her powers of creation and evolution; she creates a super Eevee. She inserts 5 virises inside it.
Four Type 1 virises (for lionheart, vanish, chaos and necro). Also, One Type 2 Viris for XDR.

TL;DR = Creator makes AI's that control world. An evil AI(Zero) is impersonating the Master AI (XDR). Wants to destory world, so the creator would come in and try restore the world (but breaking the 4th wall in the process) -Zero would then leak into reality- use internet to troll everyone.

Story Progression

Chapter 1 (40% of game)
You (the hero) is born
Oak gives you an Eevee
Encounter an AI called M
M explains the total reset situation
M activates Eevees viris powers.
You kill Necro
Kill Lionheart
Kill Cratos
Kill Vanish
Fight "XDR".
Use the Type 2 viris.
It doesnt work."XDR" Reveals he is actually Zero. A type 1 AI. Type 2 viris wont work on him.
Zero says he killed XDR.
Zero reflects the viris on M.
M dies -obtain her AI chip.
Zero banishes you to the VOID.

Chapter 2 (40% of game)
Wake up in the void. A graveyard of code.
Obtain the Spaceship called Ragnarok.
Escape the void
contact Oak. He can rebuild M by using her AI chip.
M tells you that she can sense XDR's code. He must be alive.
Must make contact with Red. He would know where XDR is
...... Random plotlines
Find red.
Find XDR
Fight Zero again
World gets wiped out (the code world still remains)

Chapter 3 (20% of game)
Final showdown.
The eve of the creators arrival.
Kill Zero
Creator restores the World to how it was before destruction.

---- Seems good, but I dont know if I should tie in the the pokemon leauge, maybe becomming champion and saving the world should exist sepratley.

Ill have the next version of the beta up in a couple of days. its a minor update- It's mainly to fix some of the glitches, and more importantly the Runtime error. so you wont have to manually edit the RPG_RT.ini

Im trying to wonder if this could get moved to the game showcase section. And if there would be much benefit.

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