Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lionheart Event

I've finished coding the Lionheart event. So that's good news.
Gonna start mapping the next two cities, then I'll have to add in more catchable pokemon, beef up the amount of refining items(and add in a refining tutorial).

v0.24 Progress- 75%

Main Update

Like I said before, Lionheart event has been done. A good thing about the otherworld is that I can add some interesting puzzles. I've ran with the day/night refrence(plus lionheart is the controller of enviroment.)

Ok... the upon entering the Lions den you'll be a little confused.
Black/brown tiles can be always walked on. Theres 2 other catergories of tiles. the day(green) tiles and the night (blue) tiles.

Theres switches all over the place. Green swtiches will allow you to walk on day tiles, the blue switchs will allow you to walk on night tiles.

Heres a screenshot map, try see if you can solve it.(theres a link to the solution at the end)

Heres the solution.

Last Comments

Fingers crossed for v0.24 being out by the end of the weekend. But It's looking unlikely. Most Definely out before next sunday.

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