Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update - AIs, Necro Forms, Route 6 and Home Base

World is run by AI's ever since the creator left.

XDR- The Overseer of the AIs. The big bad boss guy, main villan of the game.
M- Controller of Creation and Evolution (the one who contacts the hero)
Necro- Controller of Death
Vanish_21- Controller of Battle
XxLionheartxX- Controller of Systems
GeoSigma- Controller of Enviroments

Zero- The old controller of Creation and Evolution. Went missing just before Generation 1 was finished. It may or may not come up in the storyline

Anyway. AI's will act as bosses that you'll have to defeat. '
Unlike gym battles, you actually fight the AI. they have no pokemon, instead they pokemon attacks. They all have humanoid forms.
which slowly degrade to reveal their twisted forms.

Necro will be the first you are ment to defeat. excelling at Dark/Steel/Ghost

Basic Form

Hybrid Form

Fury Form

Pure Form

HOME BASE-In every city, you can buy a house. You can name this house.
All instances of the house are the same, and interconnected. If you enter a house in city A, it would be the same house as city B. Also, by using the computer in the entrance, you can select your exit destination- The exit can be any house you've purchased.

It also acts as a replacement for HM fly.


Ive completed route 6/connecting caves
heres some screenies. It's basically a copy of the Ruins of Alph from Johto. 

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