Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheats, Changelog and Corrupts

Heres some other cheats avalible in v0.6 (the current released version)
First press 9 meaing the game is awaiting codes. after you hear the jingle, press the code you want.
(U = up, D = down, L = left, R = right, X = confirm, M = cancel/menu)

UUDD LRLR MX - Konami Code[ 30 phoenix downs ]
ULDR ULDR XX - Big Head Mode
UUUX UUUX X - Super Bike
UULL DDXX - No enemies in area.
XUDR XUDL XX - Deactivate following eevee

What other kind of cheat codes do you guys want to see?

I sorta want to off the wall, and make crazy cheats, like god mode or stuff like that; but i would need a good way to balance it.

Live Changelog

I've got a new google doc.

It's a up-to-date changes on v0.7
So you can see what i've done so far, and what new stuff is comming in v0.7

Looking for someone to help me with yhe walkthrough

- You may or may not know; I'm trying to write an in-depth walkthrough/faq for the game.

I was planning to do most of it myself, but I have a lot on my plate, and It would probably take time away from actual game development.

They'll need to be fluent in english, and also have RPGmaker2003, so they can go into the code and extract information, like pokemon stats, movelists ecetra.
(you can download rpgmaker here)

you'll be credited in the walkthrough and in the game; with some flashy title
Just PM in pokecommunity(the forum) me if you want to apply.

and here's some corrupted pokemon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Viridis Isles

Done some more mapping, here's Viridis Isles; It's south of ignis island. Bugs and water pokemon can be found here. Including a corrupted Scyther.


I've also finished revamping the following Eevee. I've gone through righorus testing with it, and it seems to be a lot more fluid and lacks any weird errors seen in the one present in v0.6

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Game glitch in v0.603

If you had patched your game to v0.603, you may have realised that New Game doesn't really work properly. It stats off near the end of the game. :|

I've updated the patch, just go redownload and reapply it. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patch! v0.603

v0.603 patch is now out.

It mainly fixes the silph door glitch and the ferry glitch among a few other things.

Note: This only patches v0.602 to v0.603

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ignis island and volcano

I've changed the website address.

Now the url is

In ember woods lives the Surf Master. He gives out surfing lessions if people give him lava crystals. Lava crystals can be found in the volcano.

If you find and give him one, he'll give you a surfboard, allowing you to cross bodies of water. If you find 4 lava crystals, he'll modify the surfboard giving it a crystal base, allowing you to traverse pools of lava, which you'll need to reach the moletres that lives in the volcano.

This is the interior of the Ignis Volcano.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ember Woods

Map update. I've been mapping Ember Woods. It's west of Ignis town. you'll get the surfboard and fight a corrupted ninetails will stalk you in the woods, a heracross can also be obtained via bait spot.

It's right next to a volcano, the nutrient rich ground and tropic temperature gives the leaves an autum look all year round. wild pokemon found there are along the fire and bug variety. including; growlithe, vulpix*, ledyba, ledian, heracross*.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Demo 6 avaliable for download!

 It's out. Website and OP have been finally updated.

Download Page

If you don't have any version of v0.6 then download the new Demo 6
If you have v0.6 or v0.601, download the v0.602 patch.

Version 0.602
Date: 5/6/2011
Size: 90 MB

Pokemon Added: Skarmory, Machop, Voltorb, Wingull, Krabby, Smoochum, Magby, Elekid, Growlithe
New Areas: Route 12, Rainbow Tower, Silph Building, Underground Labs, Route 13, Route 15, Quistis Ferry
Limiting Band, Reserve Team, DYNO
Rainbow Tower, Silph Takeover and Geosigma Events
Leafeon Form
Shiny Encounters & Upgrades
New Summon: Latios (special)

Shiny Upgrades

 v0.602 is comming out very soon (tommorow).
As a bonus, I've included a limited version of the Shiny upgrade system i was talking about before. This will be avaliable in v0.602 and will be updated in later versions.

1)find shiny
2)scan shiny
3)talk to oak
4)use machine
5)choose pokemon
6)now repeat.

currently only the kanto/johto starters can be upgraded.