Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Story Update and Arcade Zone

Progress Update
I've been working on the rainbow tower- mainly the arcade zone and making minigames. The other thing i've been doing is expanding the refining system. you should be able to get every TM via refining in v0.5

Story Update

I've been making some storyline refinements.

In Portus City, theres the Sliph co. building. you're restricted to floors 1 and 2 only. you meet your rival there, by that point, you two are pretty freindly, probably considered ligetimate friends.
But on your way down the rainbow tower, the elevator malfunctions and sends you to a service tunnel that takes you to the underground entrance of Sliph co. building. filled with team rocket members, you find out that geovanni is actually the owner of sliph co. you guys fight, he escapes. find out that Your Rival is actually his son. and he's not too fond of his dad. yada yada yada.

M pinpoints location of next AI, Geosigma. who you eventually find to be geovanni (GASP) you defeat him, both of you get teleported to sliph co. building, Rival sees a dying geovanni, bawww father son moment, Rival is in rage mode, vows revenge, XDR (AI master) teleports him away, M teleports you away.

sh!t get's serious. Rival is now working with the AIs and controls all of team rocket.

Rainbow Tower
been mapping out rainbow tower. finished 1 minigame for the arcade zone.
Street Combat. 1v1 fighting game. get points to get rainbow credits that you can trade in the prize zone.
I've also made a "Street Combat: Overdrive" which is just a double speed version.

I'm planning to make
Street Combat 2
-better graphics, storyline.
Street Combat 3
-better graphics, multiple rounds
Wack A Mole (diglett?)
Random "Light Gun" shooter
and more.

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