Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ferreus Mines and Story Update


Progress Update
The main thing is... ferreus mine is finally completed... after 2 months :P

Anyway. back on track- I've decided to scale back the project
Initally there was going to be 3 parts of the game,
First Part- defeating AIs, getting badges (50%)
Second Part- finding red and XDR (35%)
Third Part- in codeworld, final showdown with zero (15%)

I've decided that Version 1.0 (the full release) will only go up to part 1. To make it easier on me.
It will end normally, after defeating the champion, the path to the final AI will open. defeating it will be strightforward. It will also attract more people to the game.

Now, If i don't run out of steam, then I can finish up Part 2 and 3 easily.

for refrence, I'm over halfway done on part 1. :D

Storyline Update
(highlight to reveal spoilers)
Originally, the AIs would hire Team rocket to kill you, but that didn't really make any sense.
Then I thought it would be fitting if Geovanni himself was actually the next AI. 2 birds. 1 stone. This leaves Silver(the rival) being the son of an AI.
not sure what to do about that. whatever. probably got M to create a son for him.

Silver turns to the darkside after you kill geovanni/CraToS

I'm gonna be starting that next.

Map Update
Mine valley is complete. I decided to recolour the insides, to emphasise the metallic mine.
It looks nice. imo.

In the game, upon nearing the exit, a cave-in happens, team rocket tried to kill you by causing the rocks to
fall on you, but failed. only create a blockade

Still an innoyance though. Luckly theres a bunch of alternative tunnels that lead to the exit.
Unluckly, they're closed off. You'll have to go to the Miner from the ghost town to give you some dynamite.
To blow open the tunnels. You are only given 5 sticks of dynamite. You can actually get out using 3, but there lots of other tunnels containing items.
yay. So you must decide what is more important.



Anyways, just wanted to remind you- you can help too! See any spelling mistakes or bugs? post them, and you'll get a spot in the credits :D

Also, any ideas for quests or features would be cool. Any difficulty changes that need to be made. Is leveling too easy? Is one of the bosses too hard. etc.etc. One of the folk said I should change Eevee forms HP change by percentage. And I did it. Another guy said attacks which target all enemies would be nice. And guess what- its comming in 0.3

EDIT: The Views...... It's Over 9000!!!! Over 10,000 actually. Nice Job!. More replies would be nice, you lurkers!

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