Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Team Rocket Event #3

Ive finished the third rocket encounter event. They've biggs and wedge have decided to "borrow" geovanni's pokemon and are wreaking havoc in Amplus City. You decide to save the day. You kill both Nidoqueen and king, but they have 4 more pokemon!

Ah, but your rival comes along. He and team rocket have some history *wink* *wink* and TR run off.


It's slowly building up the rival's character, He goes from being a rotten theif, to becomming a good trainer, actually helping you at times, then due to an event

You kill his father, the AI, Geosigma. He goes and joins the darkside and joins the rest of the AIs.

Im currently finishing off Whitney's gym battle. Shes a normal type, but luckly theres a dojo in the northen route. The prize for beaing the dojo master is a fighting pokemon (either tyrouge or machop - i havent decided)
After that there will be a forest, where you can obtain a chicorita. And then the next AI elimination. And thats where the next demo/update should end.

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