Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Night Modev2 and Gastly

UPDATE [13/11/10]

Progress Update

Im hoping to have version 0.4 out in about 2 weeks. hopefully earlier. The jump from v0.25 to v0.40 doesnt mean it will be a huge content update. It just indicates my progress due to the storyline reformation. So while before I was a quater way done.

Version 0.4 will focus more on sidequests and content rather than story progression. I want there to be something to do in every town. more variety of wild pokemon

my estimates of total progress are..
Mapping- 50%
Systems- 60%
Database- 87%

Story Scripting- 40%
Pokemon- 50%
Badges- 60% (4/8 badges completed. 5th in development)
AIs- 40%

So around 50-60%
(but next version will be v0.4 - giving me 20% leeway)

Event Update

In the ~cave of the dammed~ you'll see a bunch of bones lying around. There will also be a path which is mysteriously blocked. If you talk to the village sage, she will inform you that there are restless sprits blocking the deeper parts of the cave. To calm them down, you need to bury the bones.

Anyways, after calming down the sprits, you gain access to the deeper parts of the cave- where a corrupted gengar lies wait. (it's actually the haunter that you fight earlier, but evolved)

Feature Update

I used to have a basic day/night system for storyline purposes. It just used to change the time of day in a specific forest. The time of day would change depending on the number of pokemon battles (even = day/ odd = night) and was only used in the forest....
Well. I've decided to expand upon it. As of v0.4; you can actually use the Day/Night system item. By using it, you'll be asked if you want to activate the day/night system. doing so(and going to another map) will cause the map to go into night mode.

Its just a visual effect. But ill be adding some pokemon which can only be caught in the dark (random enemies won't change in the night though. just event pokemon) EG: a wild pineco can be found

;) stay tuned for more updates.

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