Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mapping Update

Made a new route. it's west of amplus city.
pokemon league is >>>> that way

Heres the general outline of upcomming versions, and where they would end.
v7a - XxLionheartxX (chapters 1+2)
v7b - Vanish_23 (chapters 3+4)
v7c - Geosigma (chapters 5+6+7)

v8 - Necro (chapter 8)?
v9 - Pokemon League (chapter 9)?
v10 - XDR (chapter 10)

Other Stuff

Also, SPEE is in the running for the spotlight of the month!

Get voting (but, if you like one of the other games better, vote for them!)

Version 0.7a released!

Finally, after a stupidly long delay. I mean stupidly, stupidly long (9 months to be exact) the new version of Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is here.

Now; this demo will only go up to chapter 3(after the first AI battle) Yeah, you're probably thinking "wtf".
v7 was a large revamp. I went through and redid a lot of the script, events have been tightened up, systems have been polished, most importantly, difficulty has been rebalanced- to make it more challenging. It has the most changes of any version, a lot of the stuff is background stuff, so you might not even realise.
I've currently revamped up to the first AI, so i decided to just release it anyway even though it's only 1/3rd the length of v6.

I'll be releasing v7 in 3-4 parts. The first one is SPEE v0.7 a
with later parts being b,c etc.
with v8 releasing once the revamping has finally passed where v6 ended.

So yeah.
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.7a

DOWNLOAD | 74 mb

-Mass Rebalance
-Limitbreak System
-Suprise Battles
-Sidequests & Intel
-Dynamic Map
-Whiteout(no more game over when death)
-and much, much more