Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Credits and AI video

Progress Update

Because of my fast progressing- I'll be making some small patches from time to time,

It should only be one-or less than an MB- contating a few files. just paste them in the Pokemon Eevee folder, and they'll update the game.

I'll be posting the patch to 0.401 soon. It will change the pokemon face icon mixups and fix the gastly evolution problems, add a few stuff and fixing any other glitches that get reported in the next few days.

Credits Update

Here's the current bugtesting credits list ( the '*' mean how much bugs you've reported. )

Bug Reports
-Sage Harpuia***


-Ehibika (all enemy attacks)
-Lockmaster24 (eevee HP % constats)
-Cilerba (for instant transition)

(Well- my credits would be pretty short without it as im the only one working on this game :P)

Video Update

I've finished up a cool graphical "video" thing when you ask elm about the AIs, Hopefully makes it easier to understand.

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