Wednesday, December 29, 2010

v0.25 Released!

Good news peoples!

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition v0.25

==Added Events==
Rival Battle 2(retrofitted, Resta Falls), Team Rocket Encounter #3, Dojo Challenge, Whitney's Gym, AI Battle: Lionheart, Obtaining the Day/Night System

==Added Maps==
Route 7, Sola Forest, Route 8, Lion's Den,
Ferreus City, Luna Forest, Mors Village (7)

==Added Pokemon==
Nidoran(M), Bellsprout, Chikorita, Natu,
Houndour, Hoothoot, Tyrouge, Teddiursa (8)

Mid Battle Eevee Switching, Badge Case, Map, Phone
Improved Eevee Selection, House Relocation update,
TM Compatibility update and More Refining Options

=Umbreon Form Obtainable==

(Total of 6 forms; Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon,
Espeon and Umbreon avalible by the end of demo)

------DOWNLOAD NOW---------

SPEE v0.25 || 17.2 MB

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