Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mors Village



I will try pay attention to my grammar a little bit more.

I finished the whole attack revamp. All basic pokemon will learn atleast 11 attacks. More when they evolve. Most of the movelists are taken from Gen4. With some additional attacks

EG: Squirtle
Before -Tackle, tailwhip, bubble, withdraw, watergun, bite, rapidspin, protect, rain dance, skull bash (10)

After - Tackle, tailwhip, bubble, withdraw, watergun, bite, rapidspin(AE), protect, water pulse, aquatail, skull bash, Shell shift, Spin Cycle(AE) + Hydro pump(when evolved.) (14)

But starters always had a decent amount of attacks. More common pokemon is where it starts taking effect

before - leer, tackle, horn attack, double kick, poiosn sting, focus energy, fury attack, horn drill (8)

After - peck, leer, focus energy, double kick, fury attack, helping hand, horn attack, poison spikes, acid armour, poison jab, screech, horn drill + Trash, earthpower, megahorn (15) when evolved into nidoking.

before - leech life, supersonic, bite, confuse ray, wing attack, scary face, haze
after - all above + astonish, air cutter (AE), mean look, Air slash(AE), poison fang, fly

^^^ youre probably wondering what (AE) means. It means all enemies. Yep. Attacks that attack all enemies.

I've tried make every pokemon have atleast 1 area attack.
rapidspin, trash, swift, tri attack, razor wind,
bullet seed, leaf blast(new), leaf bommerang(new)
Water whip, surf, spin cycle
fire spin, lava plume
shock wave, discharge
rock slide, rock tomb,
magnitude, bonemerang, earthquake,
air cutter, air slash,
And more...

As soon as you start up the next version of the demo, then all your pokemon's movelist will be updated. only downside is that any previousl learned TM moves will also be erased :|

I've finished up everything in Mors Village. The gym and cave events are done.heres some screenies


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