Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bitter Bait, In-Battle eevee switching

Pretty good one today :D.
Bitter Bait
In some routes there will be baiting spots.
Corrupted pokemon enjoy eating Bitter Bait.
You can lay down bitter bait. Every time you enter the area, you *might* find a corrupted pokemon eating the bitter bait.
If you do find the corrupted pokemon, you can fight, defeat and catch it.

Thats not really that different than normal corrupted encounters, except that bitter bait is hard to find, its a rare item.
You have to be careful with the bait, you can only use one per bait spot. So if you find a bait spot, Don't be hasty, as you might find another bait spot containing a better pokemon later.

Bitter bait is rare, but there will be enough bitter bait for all bait spots.
Ive programmed in 2 bait spots so far, one in route 2(outside waterfall) in which a Corrupted Nidoran (M) can be found, and one in route 3, in which a corrupted bellsprout can be found.
More to be added before next demo.

Switching Eevee Forms Update
I was looking over the original post, and It said "Eevee can evolve and devolve anytime"
That was not true. In a battle you were locked in the current form.... WELL NO MORE!
Im excited to announce an awesome feature.

Real time- In battle Eevee Switching!

Yep, starting v0.24 (comming soon) you can switch forms in battle! All forms of eevee will come equiped with an "attack" called Form Switch! Click on it, and then select the form you want.
To dicourage overuse, switching inbattle will cost Eevee some PP, either a set amount or a percentage. So people would want to swtich eevee forms before getting into a battle, but they can do it mid-battle if loosing some PP isn't a big deal.

EDIT: Bitter bait gets an replaced with rare candies. Meaning you can either choose to level up your existing pokemon, or catch new ones. nice balance.

If all goes well- v0.24 will be out sometime in the next two weeks.

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