Saturday, May 21, 2011

Version 0.6 Beta Program

The v0.6 Beta is here.

It's gonna work a bit differently than v0.5
The current build is the testing build, although the game works, it might be glitch prone. Atleast one gamebreaking one had been found.

I'll be releasing patches for the game every few days or until the game becomes relatively stable.
Once that happens, I'll release the v0.6 DEMO version. This version will contain all the fixes so there will be no need to patch it up.

You can find the latest files on v0.6 (including download and all patches) in this folder

I'll post all found/fixed bugs in this google docs file.
If you find bugs not mentioned in that file, post them on the Pokecommunity thread, and ill fix it and add you to the beta-tester list. :)

v0.601 Patch had been released a few days ago. It is a high priorty patch and fixes the evolution while event glitch which caused various bugs and even crashing of the game.

SPEE google docs folder

I recently discovered the awesomeness of Google Docs, I've put up a google docs folder for it which will contain some of my documents for the game.

Currently I have up a Walkthrough which is a work in progress.
A spreadsheet contianing information on where to obtain pokemon
A Buglist for v0.6
A refine list and idea bin.

Shinies in comming versions

Shinies in SPEE will be a lot more common than official games, probably a 1 in 512 chance.
The roll for shinies are done directly after a battle, if you do get the roll, you'll isntantly be thrust into a shiny battle.
These shinies are inderpendednt of the area you're in, so you might even fight a shiny wurmple in the middle of the ocean.


Shinies will appear in v0.6. BUT make sure you scan them for an upcomming feature in v0.7


For every shiny you scan, you can turn one of your own fully evolved pokemon into a shiny. To make up for the fact you can't catch shinies themselves.
Although the turn-into-shiny feature won't be in v0.6, any you scan will still be counted in v0.7

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latios, Shiny and release schedule

Ok, ok, ok... due to some of the feedback, I've slightly changed how the lati@s situation will work now.

Latios will be the first one you get, then it will die halfway around part2, and get replaced by latias.
but you can get latios back. Either with a cheat code ill implement, or with new game+ (Whichever lati@s you had at the time of NG+, will die. and get replaced by the other, the cycle will repeat if you keep NG+ing)

So... latios -> killed -> latias -> newgame+ > latias -> killed -> latios.
So there'll be flexability if you like one more than the other.


I've sorta made shiny pokemon in the game. (althought i've only programmed a handful right now.)

basically after each battle, the game will roll for a shiny chance -(A really small chance) If you win the chance, you'll instantly get into a fight with a shiny pokemon.

It doesn't matter where you are. Fighting team rockets, in the middle of the ocean, in the code world or the safari zone. After every battle, a roll takes place.

The shiny pokemon you encounter won't depend on your location. It will be a preselected shiny pokemon.

Im torn about which way to go for it.

SUPER RARE-I can either make it a very rare occurance (1 in 8192, like the games) and make it you get very very rare items from them (auto regen, +500 stats, half/no PP cost)


RAREI can make it a relatively common (1 in 256?) you'll get good, items from them, but it creates another Metagame involving trying to encounter all shinies.(there'll be only 10-30 of them programmed in.)

Minor Stuff
Eevee's evolutions will be getting a minor movlist upgrade. they initally had 14 moves, its now increasing to 16 to match every other pokemon.
Plus, ive balanced out their forms a bit. eg: flareon was underpowered. due to only having a fire spin as it's strongest fire attack. Now that fire spin will be repaced by a fire fang.

Still programming in pokemon. I only have 35 more to program in. After that all pokemon will be functioning. (but not catchable.)

Release Schedule
I've written up a loose release schedule. These are very loose, and will probably change. Though if all goes well, 1.0 should be released by the end of the year.

v0.6 : May

Chapter 7, gym: chuck. Giovanni/TR raid, rainbow tower, Geosigma AI battle.
v0.7 : June
Mainly extra content. Side quests, trophies, finish off programming pokemon, finish attack animations, etc. Also, so the chapters catch up to versions.
v0.8 : July-Aug
Chapter 8: Gym: Pryce, AI: Vanish_23, surfing around islands, etc.
v0.9 : Sep?
Chapter 9: Gym: Claire, TR reform, buildup to finale.
v1.0 : Sep - Dec?
First full release. Part 1 completed. Pokemon leauge and AI battle: XDR.

v1.1 : ????
Start of Part 2. :O

More Cheats

Cheat Kodes.
-I decided to add more.

Konami Code- up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, cancel, confirm
-Gives 30 phoenix downs for first 3 tries, then Gives 1 phoenix down.

Big Head mode- up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, confirm, confirm
-Just gives the main character an amusly large head.

Super Bike- ????
-Makes bike go super fast.

No Encoutners- ????
-No random encounters for the current area (resets when you exist the area)

Activate Day/Night Cycle- ????
-Once Day/Night system is obtained, tiles will switch from day to night every hour or so.

You guys could give suggestions, I don't want gamebreaking ones, so no godmode or clip through walls.

Title, Latios, Hotkeys and Pokemon

Minor Update
Beta is comming along nicely. Now i just need to program in the geosigma battle and the next city.

Alternate Logo

I was bored yesterday, so made this to pass time.
It's quite a nice contrast to the normal logo.

It's quite fitting since SPEE is a Pokemon/Final Fantasy hybrid.

Summons Update

I've changed the system- Before you needed Eeveeon to summon, but now- Any form of eevee can summon (once you've obtained one)

Hotkeys Rearranged

Before- hotkeys 1-9 were used for various items. But it often got confusing which key corrisponds to which item. So i've now grouped up some items.

#1- Set 1: Basic Items (Cellphone, Map, Quest Log)
#2- Set 2: Trainer Items (Trainer ID, Pokédex, Badge Case)*
#3- Set 3: Tile Swap (Day/Night)*//(Day/Night/Old/New)*

#4- ManMan2000*
#5- Tetra Element (eevee switch)*
#6- Team Switcher *

It should make it easier to remember. (in later versions, I may add the ability to customise the hotkeys.)

Zantetzuken- Latios Summon

Im currently programming in a new summon. This summon will be special though.

Latios. will use an attack called Zantetzuken. It's not a normal attack. Latios will INSTANTLY KILL ALL ENEMIES. Regardless of type, level, stats, hell it could even be a boss battle* (except major bosses, like AIs)

Latios cannot be summoned manually. Summon stones will not change the fact.
Latios will have a small % of appearing at the start of the battle. around 1%-5%.
people who've played it, will recognise this as yet another mechanic stolen from FFVIII. Loved seeing Odin jump into battle and decimate all enemeis.

Other Pokémon

Expect these pokemon to b e avaliable in v0.6
-Smoochum(Adoption Agency)
-Magby(Adoption Agency)
-Elekid(Adoption Agency)

Direction, easter eggs, cheat codes

Minor update.


-I decided to add more "direction" to the game. When characters talk to you, they'll be more likely to tell you what to do/where to go. Often it could be hard to tell where to go.

For the people who don't like reading through text, important directions will now be highlighted in text.

-If you don't know what to do in the game, you can now call Oak. He will give directions on where to go.

-In the next beta, tile switching(day/night/old/new) is deactivated, retrning to just day/night. You'll have to defeat the AI geosigma to get old/new.
If you had obtained Regirock, moletres and lugia would have been added too for that beta. Upon booting the new one, moletres and lugia will be removed. As you'll have to obtain them legitimetly.

Item Codes Moved

-the "Input Number" function on the cell phone will be removed. Don't want people getting a whole arsenal of free items before the game starts. The function of getting free items via codes is moved to the Rainbow tower's prize zone. the old codes will work in there, with a bunch of new ones to be added.

Cheat Codes

-I started thinking... what ever happened to cheat codes. :( . So, I decided to program in the Konami Code (for lulz)

up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,back,confirm = obtain 30x phoenix down.
(refrence to contra's- 30 lives cheat.)
It can be used up to 3 times before the effect of 30 phoenix downs drops to only 1.

Easter Eggs

-Just a random idea I thought of. easter eggs will be items in the game. Obtained with special means. I've only programmed in 2 so far.
One for doing the konami code. and one for recognising an age old rumour...
The Mew Truck rumour.

You need surf to get to that truck, im not sure if surf will make it into the next beta. but whatever.

Route 15, Adoption update

New Areas Completed

-Ignis City
-Route 14
-Route 15
-Quistis Ferry

To Do.
-Ignis Volcano
-Route 16
-Crimson Woods

Ignis Island is the newest location in SPEE. It has a volcano which formed the island. Theres a town on the foot of the volcano, which has a harbor that can take you to other harbor towns.

There are two routes on Ignis island. Route 15 to the east of Ignis Town and Route 16 to the west. Fire based wild pokemon can be found there. Including a Corrupted Growlithe.

The main volcano can also be traversed. Numels and Slugma are found there. A corrupted Slugma can also be caught. Deep in the volcano there lies a moletres which once defeat can be summoned.
EDIT: Route 15, and the volcano will be delayed to v0.7, so I can get v0.6 out earlier.

Adpotion Agency Update

You can now adpot new pokemon, depending on the amount of badges you have.
0- Pichu
4- Smoochum
5- Elekid
6- Magby

Also, speaking of elekid and magby. Their final evolutions will now be obtainable. Magmotar and Electrivire. They'll evolve if given a fire/thunder stone.


Giovanni / Team Rocket encounter #5

Anyways. Finally got some real progress done. 5th team rocket encounter. Including the first encounter with giovanni.

The 3rd AI encounter, Geosigma, will be next in development.

Evil looking corrupted pokemon have returned!

Now corrupted Pokémon will have a different colour pallet and or modified features.
They'll have red eyes, and a new corrupted aura. So identifying them will be a lot easier.

It's still under construction, I'm trying to give all of em unique features. (like the horns on gengar or additional wings on zubat)

Trainer Rank

Trainer Rank

Trainer rank is your trainer level. It is directly connected to trophies.

Trophies are given for doing stuff ingame.
Catcing pokemon, getting badges, defeating AIs, doing sidequests.

Now, starting v0.6, you will obtain a trainer rank. which is determined by your trophy points[ iron trophies give 1 point,
while gold gives 81 ](there will only be 3-4 gold trophies. 1 for catching all 201 Pokémon. Another for finishing the game etc.)

in v0.5, after beating enemy trainers, you get bonus EXP and money. It's normally 500exp and 50$. Now it will be a fluculating rate. all determined by your Trainer rank. So someone who does lots of sidequests, and catches pokemon, will have a big trainer rank, thus banking lots of bonus EXP and $ after defeating trainers.
(bonus EXP = points * 50 and bonus$ = points * 2

Your rank is level based, meaning it will be easy to gain ranks at first, but will require more and more points as you get higher ranks.

Bonus EXP is also given to any pokemon in the reserve team. And trainer rank transfers across NG+ allowing easier leveling up.
Rare candies will also be effected by trainer ranks, you don't get given levels, rather EXP. Rare Candy EXP = points * 50 (but rare candies will be more common than the games)