Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pokedex Feature

Update [21/12/10]

Oh boy, christmas in a few days....

Anyways, been busy implementing the pokédex. im happy to say that it's in working condition now. Heres how it works.

Pokédex will be given the same time you get your eevee (will be automatically added to people who've passed that bit)

Theres 4 sections to the Pokedex.
-Gen 1
-Gen 2
-Gen 3
The generations are obvious. I had split them up so theres less scrolling.
They contain all standard scanned pokemon.
You can view the data on any pokemon you've obtained. the first page will show name, number, types, weight and height. the second page, just a short sentence or two about the pokemon(taken from the offical pokedex)

I've finished up the first and second generations, gotta do 3rd...

The obtained section is the pokemon you can/have caught.
I havent actually started this section, but i want it to be grand.
It will contain more detailed information, and more stuff, like all the pokemon's sprite through the generations and personal thoughts on the pokemon. Im just brainstorming, as, like i said, i havent actually started that yet.

To scan pokemon, all you have to do is to use the Pokédex inbattle. A sound effect will happen if you've got a new pokedex entry.
Any pokemon you catch/evolve will automatically be added to the pokedex too.

As of now, the scanning will be manual. It's a interesting sidequest that people can do if they finish the beta.
I'm still pondering whether to allow scanning in the saffari zone.

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