Sunday, July 28, 2013

Databasing is the enemy of progress.

You know what's fun?

Databasing... No. but really, it's quite boring. and excruciating. I put it off for so long. Actually one of the reasons why progress halted. 

Imagine this.... for every one of the 386 pokemon- I have to go on get the type information  Get the movelist. get the stats. and plug them into eevee edition as character class data. 

But that's only for character data. Because RPGmaker treats character data totally separate from enemy data. Making wild pokemon enemies is a totally separate process. Enemies in RPGmaker don't have "levels" so I have to create separate enemy instances for each level. obviously make 100 enemy instances for each pokemon would be a bad idea, so I use 10 levels. spread out throughout the 100 possible levels.

this is a necessary evil- because I need wild pokemon. I need trainer pokemon. Without it I can't really release another version. Databasing is really annoying, because you don't feel like you're progressing at all. 

Luckily, I've just finished up all the kanto, and soon, johto pokemon. I was thinking I might just skip 0.7b/c and just jump straight to v0.8, because I feel bad for the astonishingly long lack of any real update. 
Sometimes I think it would be easier buying a sweatshop in china to do all my databasing.
Yep. It's as exciting as it looks.