Sunday, January 23, 2011

Switching Teams


Heres some screens to show how the pokeshifting works. Just press 9 and your pokemon team will get switched

Inbattle switching is not avaliable. You can switch when out of battle.

It works in a simple way. Just press 9, and your team members will be removed, then the B team will be added.

everything works as nromal. Initally, your B team will be empty, you must switch to B team, go to the Box and withdraw the pokemon you want.
You CAN have the same pokemon in A and B teams. The inactive team will not be getting EXP, except the bonus EXP you get after battling trainers (and there will be a lot more trainers ;) )


^cool little banner made by mew_nani

Next Feature: Trainer Rank __________________


  1. Wait,if 9 is switch teams, what is mute/unmute?

  2. Mute is getting moved to an option via PC.