Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashbacks, Story Revisions and Codes.

As a new plot device, flashbacks appear when the main character goes to sleep at certain points of the game. Its the tale of twin brothers Tom and Randy(names are generic for a reason) who live in aurum town in generation 0. - Development time. when the game is getting developed.

there are currently 3 retroactive flashbacks, Meaning you people who transfer save files can still see them

The first one happens as soon as you start the game, it leads into the oak intro. -Just click new game, to see it. press F12 to reset game and load your save.

The second happens in route 6, must have defeated necro first.

The third happens in Tasto Creek, oak must have finished the day/night system.

The rest happen later past where v0.4 ends.

It's where I was originally using the gen1 tileset, then I realisied I could just use it for genral purpose. along with gen3 tiles.

Storyline Revision v4

Click here for SPOILERS!

Bad News
Well... I'm quiting the game dev-lol no.
Real bad news is im changing the leveling balance. 3-4 hours into the game and I already am at level 40 for all my pokemon.
Ill be trying to rebablance so it's more like the actual pokemon games. You should only be around level 40 when you finish the region.

Had almost forgotten I had added these. a 3 day late new years gift for you people playing.

Use the Cellphone and type in these numbers to get items

726625- Rare Candy
040815- Mega Phoenix (although says full phoenix)
111111- Berry

I still need GWD to come out before I reveal a "new" pokemon. :|

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