Sunday, January 23, 2011

Khubla Village Rain Station

Sorry for not updating the blog 

Progress Update
Been working on the derailment event.

Light spoilers. No specific details.

Basically, a certain AI finds that you are seriously hampering his plans. So he decides to warp you to a desert, hundreds of kilometers millions of pixels away from home.

The khubla desert. a large desert in the Duorum region (second region)
The desert is split into 5 areas: north, south, east, west and dead in the center, Khubla village.

You get warped into the south desert. going south leads to a dead end (Need "Strength" to get past- which you don't have)

North leads to khubla village, the other parts of the desert is plauged with sandstorms- so you can't get past.

The only way out is the Rail system. you'll be needing to do a favour to get a ticket to the train. which leads to... Amplus city. Yep, it gets a brand new train station.

Heres the Khubla village and the updated amplus city containing the new rail system.

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