Friday, January 7, 2011

New Map and Equips

New Map Style
Just finished up creating a new map style. It's the map style that the G/S map is done in. looks more authentic now.
Hers the old version

"New" version

the region finally has a name, Unam. latin for "one"
while the next region will be named "Duorum" meaning two, which you will visit for a bit in the next beta.


Updated Equips

Also, like I said updated equipments, heres how it looks now.
the status screens slightly modified. now the species will be displayed for all pokemon rather than only evolved. and lables are fixed.



I had only programmed 5 codes in, but I'll be adding a whole bunch more as there are 1 shy of a million possible combinations-. but spamming it with items could be overload. Eg: someone just starting the game could type in hundreds of codes to become overpowered before they even get their first pokemon.

I will be making a code redemption system in the rainbow tower prize zone. It will be different as it would have a cooldown period, maybe 1 code every 5 minutes.

I have 2 codes left so heres the second-to-last one. an
Ultima Potion. Fully heals the full team- as in, full HP, MP, removes bad status conditions and fully revives any dead.
(mega phoenix code and this code is a refrence to something.
+108 internets to whoever figures it out.)

Other Stuff

Thanks for the info, Yeah. pokemon are leveling a little faster than I want, I mean- your pokemon might reach level 100 before endgame.

Now, I'm planning to make a chocobo breeding type minigame. ("inspired" from FF7) Except I need a pokemon to replace the chocobos.

It needs to be a pokemon that can run fast. I want it to be ridable- but it's not manditory. would be nice, but can be done without.

The maze zone will be fused into the safari zone while the Race Zone will be taking it's place in the rainbow tower.

Also, Im tinkering with an idea... Once again, updating the evolution method.
Adding an item needed to evolve pokemon.
these won't be super hard to find or anything.

EG: to evolve charmeleon to charizard you need reach level 36 AND equip an item "Flight Wings" on it.
a "vibrant flower" to evolve ivysaur to vensauar
and "Rocket Cannons" to evolve to blastoise

Boxing Gloves to evolve Poliwhirl to poliwrath

If theres enough people interested in it, i might implement it.
might be another thing seperating it from the other pokemon games.

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