Sunday, January 23, 2011

Version Update v0.5

Andways! here it is!!!

Version Update: v0.5


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Features (from prev post)

The new beta will have around 30minutes new gameplay.
-New Events: Flashbacks(4), Marina(3), History of AIs(elm), XDR encounter, Train Ticket.

-New Areas: Route 11, Khubla Desert South, Khubla Village, Tomb of the Sand King, Portus City(under construction), Route 12, Rainbow Tower(under construction)

-New Pokemon: Cacnea (khubla desert south), Shroomish (route 8)

-Eeveeon is avaliable.
-Regirock Summon
-Just for this beta... when you obtain regirock, you'll also obtain Lugia and Moltres. the latter two will be removed in v0.6. and will have to be obtained legitimetly.

Also for this beta, I'm fusing the Day/Night system with the Tile mode feature.
If you use the d/n system, you'll have 4 options


(I was originally planning v0.5 to go up to the next AI, so I had already created the feature, but I had to bring forward the release of v0.5 to solve the lag. so I've fused it with the day/night system for now, it will get it's own item next update )

-vs bars
-rebalanced enemies(plus new EXP yeild)
-Database restructured
-other minor stuff
-The rainbow is incomplete. But you can walk around it if you want. I've disabled saving inside the rainbow tower(and route 12) because if it could cause problems if that area is majorly changed.
-glitch fixes
-Optimisation to reduce lag(hopefully)

two stuff I forgot to mention:
-chapter structure. SPEE now has chapters. the beta runs til the end of chapter 6.
And... Credits at the end of the beta. You might see your name in there ;)

Also, due to popular demand. evil looking corrupted pokemon are returning. (not finalised)

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