Sunday, January 23, 2011

Derailment Event

The Writing Staff
I'm happy to announce the 2 writers recriuted for this game.
BCKC and NikNaks.

They're gonna start the grammar reporting once v0.5 releases. They'll get access to an awesome exclusive Debug Mode.

Desert Events
Desert events are fully completed. including the regirock summon.

-Cacnea and shroomish have been added. Cacnea appears as a generic cactus (cacti?) in the vast Khubla Desert south, but it moves.

-The tomb of the king has a binary puzzle. You are given a "desired value"... a value between 0 and 255. You must have the "Tomb Value" match the desired value. There are 8 colums with switches on them. they change the tomb value. The first switch increases the tomb value by 1, the next by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and lastly 128. Using a combination of the switches, you can change the tomb value to any number... between 0 and 255.
So just get the right combo to get tomb value to match the desired value 3 times. Yay. if you pass the puzzle, you have learned binary.

But if you fail at life, you can just pay a guy in the tomb to pass the puzzle for you.

-The coloured orbs appear when summoning, the symbols are the japanese characters for "Call"

-I've partially rebuilt the rainbow tower. It has no content... but you can explore the lobbies and whatnot. Im hoping to have SOME of the saffar, quiz, arcade and prize zones completed. Probably just 1-2 (maps/quizpacks/minigames)

-Shroomish will be found in a bait spot in route 8(next to soluna forest).

-After you take the train back to amplus, you can take the train to Khubla village at any time.

-In the rainbow tower, if you approach the door from the top, you'll jump over it. Just a small thing I put in there to make traveling through the rainbow tower easier.

-Lastly, you may or may not have realised my avatar has changed. That man is Solid Snake. the greatest soldier alive, stright from the greatest game series Evr! /MGS fanboy

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