Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trainer Rank

Trainer Rank

Trainer rank is your trainer level. It is directly connected to trophies.

Trophies are given for doing stuff ingame.
Catcing pokemon, getting badges, defeating AIs, doing sidequests.

Now, starting v0.6, you will obtain a trainer rank. which is determined by your trophy points[ iron trophies give 1 point,
while gold gives 81 ](there will only be 3-4 gold trophies. 1 for catching all 201 Pokémon. Another for finishing the game etc.)

in v0.5, after beating enemy trainers, you get bonus EXP and money. It's normally 500exp and 50$. Now it will be a fluculating rate. all determined by your Trainer rank. So someone who does lots of sidequests, and catches pokemon, will have a big trainer rank, thus banking lots of bonus EXP and $ after defeating trainers.
(bonus EXP = points * 50 and bonus$ = points * 2

Your rank is level based, meaning it will be easy to gain ranks at first, but will require more and more points as you get higher ranks.

Bonus EXP is also given to any pokemon in the reserve team. And trainer rank transfers across NG+ allowing easier leveling up.
Rare candies will also be effected by trainer ranks, you don't get given levels, rather EXP. Rare Candy EXP = points * 50 (but rare candies will be more common than the games)

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