Friday, January 7, 2011

Eeveeon and Legendary Summons

Firstly... the "New" eevee form


Eevee was pretty underused by everyone. The elemental forms were far better to use. But what about now?

At a point in the game (early in the next beta version) an event will happen causing your Eevee to evolve into an Eeveeon.

Eeveeon will fully replace the Normal eevee form. You can still switch forms into the other evolutions at any time.

It has increased stats, a very varied movepool- containing moves from each of it's related elements. And It is the only Pokémon that can make use of Summons


Summons have now been added. Heres how it works

After defeating a rouge legendary(un-captured) They will agree to help you in battle.

The avalible summons will be visible in Eeveeon's movelist when out of battle. But if you select the attack command inbattle, it will only display eeveeon's normal moves.

The key is summon stones. These are rare items that are required for summoning legendaries. If you possess atleast 1, The summon command will appear. with it, you can select a legendary to summon.

A summoned pokemon will do a single attack.

When you summon a pokemon, you'll use up a summoning stone.
Without a summon stone, you cannon summon anything.

Minor form switch change

Eevee forms used to have the attack "Form Switch", Used to switch forms inbattle. but due to the way I had to program the summons, Its getting the axe. Instead, to switch forms inbattle, you'll have to use the Tetra Element (like out of battle). The up-side is that now any pokemon can activate the tetra element. so you can switch forms when it's not even eevee's turn.

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