Saturday, May 7, 2011

Title, Latios, Hotkeys and Pokemon

Minor Update
Beta is comming along nicely. Now i just need to program in the geosigma battle and the next city.

Alternate Logo

I was bored yesterday, so made this to pass time.
It's quite a nice contrast to the normal logo.

It's quite fitting since SPEE is a Pokemon/Final Fantasy hybrid.

Summons Update

I've changed the system- Before you needed Eeveeon to summon, but now- Any form of eevee can summon (once you've obtained one)

Hotkeys Rearranged

Before- hotkeys 1-9 were used for various items. But it often got confusing which key corrisponds to which item. So i've now grouped up some items.

#1- Set 1: Basic Items (Cellphone, Map, Quest Log)
#2- Set 2: Trainer Items (Trainer ID, Pokédex, Badge Case)*
#3- Set 3: Tile Swap (Day/Night)*//(Day/Night/Old/New)*

#4- ManMan2000*
#5- Tetra Element (eevee switch)*
#6- Team Switcher *

It should make it easier to remember. (in later versions, I may add the ability to customise the hotkeys.)

Zantetzuken- Latios Summon

Im currently programming in a new summon. This summon will be special though.

Latios. will use an attack called Zantetzuken. It's not a normal attack. Latios will INSTANTLY KILL ALL ENEMIES. Regardless of type, level, stats, hell it could even be a boss battle* (except major bosses, like AIs)

Latios cannot be summoned manually. Summon stones will not change the fact.
Latios will have a small % of appearing at the start of the battle. around 1%-5%.
people who've played it, will recognise this as yet another mechanic stolen from FFVIII. Loved seeing Odin jump into battle and decimate all enemeis.

Other Pokémon

Expect these pokemon to b e avaliable in v0.6
-Smoochum(Adoption Agency)
-Magby(Adoption Agency)
-Elekid(Adoption Agency)

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