Saturday, May 7, 2011

Route 15, Adoption update

New Areas Completed

-Ignis City
-Route 14
-Route 15
-Quistis Ferry

To Do.
-Ignis Volcano
-Route 16
-Crimson Woods

Ignis Island is the newest location in SPEE. It has a volcano which formed the island. Theres a town on the foot of the volcano, which has a harbor that can take you to other harbor towns.

There are two routes on Ignis island. Route 15 to the east of Ignis Town and Route 16 to the west. Fire based wild pokemon can be found there. Including a Corrupted Growlithe.

The main volcano can also be traversed. Numels and Slugma are found there. A corrupted Slugma can also be caught. Deep in the volcano there lies a moletres which once defeat can be summoned.
EDIT: Route 15, and the volcano will be delayed to v0.7, so I can get v0.6 out earlier.

Adpotion Agency Update

You can now adpot new pokemon, depending on the amount of badges you have.
0- Pichu
4- Smoochum
5- Elekid
6- Magby

Also, speaking of elekid and magby. Their final evolutions will now be obtainable. Magmotar and Electrivire. They'll evolve if given a fire/thunder stone.

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