Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latios, Shiny and release schedule

Ok, ok, ok... due to some of the feedback, I've slightly changed how the lati@s situation will work now.

Latios will be the first one you get, then it will die halfway around part2, and get replaced by latias.
but you can get latios back. Either with a cheat code ill implement, or with new game+ (Whichever lati@s you had at the time of NG+, will die. and get replaced by the other, the cycle will repeat if you keep NG+ing)

So... latios -> killed -> latias -> newgame+ > latias -> killed -> latios.
So there'll be flexability if you like one more than the other.


I've sorta made shiny pokemon in the game. (althought i've only programmed a handful right now.)

basically after each battle, the game will roll for a shiny chance -(A really small chance) If you win the chance, you'll instantly get into a fight with a shiny pokemon.

It doesn't matter where you are. Fighting team rockets, in the middle of the ocean, in the code world or the safari zone. After every battle, a roll takes place.

The shiny pokemon you encounter won't depend on your location. It will be a preselected shiny pokemon.

Im torn about which way to go for it.

SUPER RARE-I can either make it a very rare occurance (1 in 8192, like the games) and make it you get very very rare items from them (auto regen, +500 stats, half/no PP cost)


RAREI can make it a relatively common (1 in 256?) you'll get good, items from them, but it creates another Metagame involving trying to encounter all shinies.(there'll be only 10-30 of them programmed in.)

Minor Stuff
Eevee's evolutions will be getting a minor movlist upgrade. they initally had 14 moves, its now increasing to 16 to match every other pokemon.
Plus, ive balanced out their forms a bit. eg: flareon was underpowered. due to only having a fire spin as it's strongest fire attack. Now that fire spin will be repaced by a fire fang.

Still programming in pokemon. I only have 35 more to program in. After that all pokemon will be functioning. (but not catchable.)

Release Schedule
I've written up a loose release schedule. These are very loose, and will probably change. Though if all goes well, 1.0 should be released by the end of the year.

v0.6 : May

Chapter 7, gym: chuck. Giovanni/TR raid, rainbow tower, Geosigma AI battle.
v0.7 : June
Mainly extra content. Side quests, trophies, finish off programming pokemon, finish attack animations, etc. Also, so the chapters catch up to versions.
v0.8 : July-Aug
Chapter 8: Gym: Pryce, AI: Vanish_23, surfing around islands, etc.
v0.9 : Sep?
Chapter 9: Gym: Claire, TR reform, buildup to finale.
v1.0 : Sep - Dec?
First full release. Part 1 completed. Pokemon leauge and AI battle: XDR.

v1.1 : ????
Start of Part 2. :O

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