Saturday, May 7, 2011


Giovanni / Team Rocket encounter #5

Anyways. Finally got some real progress done. 5th team rocket encounter. Including the first encounter with giovanni.

The 3rd AI encounter, Geosigma, will be next in development.

Evil looking corrupted pokemon have returned!

Now corrupted Pokémon will have a different colour pallet and or modified features.
They'll have red eyes, and a new corrupted aura. So identifying them will be a lot easier.

It's still under construction, I'm trying to give all of em unique features. (like the horns on gengar or additional wings on zubat)

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  1. Hello

    I lets play your game and i have a problem. Iam in teh rainbow tower, i have catch latios and defeat the rocket grunts. My Problem, was is the next step? The doors are lockt and the scientist people say not important stuff -,- Can you help me ?

    Greets Julian