Saturday, May 21, 2011

Version 0.6 Beta Program

The v0.6 Beta is here.

It's gonna work a bit differently than v0.5
The current build is the testing build, although the game works, it might be glitch prone. Atleast one gamebreaking one had been found.

I'll be releasing patches for the game every few days or until the game becomes relatively stable.
Once that happens, I'll release the v0.6 DEMO version. This version will contain all the fixes so there will be no need to patch it up.

You can find the latest files on v0.6 (including download and all patches) in this folder

I'll post all found/fixed bugs in this google docs file.
If you find bugs not mentioned in that file, post them on the Pokecommunity thread, and ill fix it and add you to the beta-tester list. :)

v0.601 Patch had been released a few days ago. It is a high priorty patch and fixes the evolution while event glitch which caused various bugs and even crashing of the game.

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