Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amplus Update and Sewers

So I've been working on updating Amplus City for the new version. It's roughly 50% bigger now.
In addition to the gym, lab, mega mart, pokecenter and house, it's going to have a dojo (moved from Route 7), a library, an arcade, a rename center, and various other places of interest. -

In addition to that, Amplus City will now have an underground sewer system. When Team Rocket invades the city, you'll be forced to navigate the sewers to enter the blocked parts of the city. It's filled with grimers, rattatas and a drowsee or two.


  1. Any corrupt pokemon down here? I could think of a couple that would fit the image.

    Anyway, I'm glad you are expanding on this place, it was a little too empty the first time and buggy as hell in one of the latest patches (the last fight for consecutive team rocket battles could never play out though that may be just due to me trying to preserve my saves...)

  2. Yeah, the whole team rocket encounter was quite buggy at times. It's become a lot more polished now. Amplus city in general should feel a bit more lively.
    Im gonna be jam packing it with sidequests too.

    There'll indeed be a corrupted pokemon; a Muk in this case.