Saturday, October 12, 2013

Demo 7b coming soon...

The second hypervisor has now been completed. It took more time than I thought, but it ended up quite nice, you'll be encountering a puzzle in the hypervisor's domain which should be more interesting than just going through a linear dungeon.

That means I'm done with the storyline events of the next version. In additon to the content in 0.72, jasmine's gym, another rival battle and the 2nd hypervisor have been added. Which means the end of chapter 4.

Now, it's time for the hard part. Polishing, bug testing, adding side quests, corrupted pokemon,  shinification feature, and the long awaited, long absent, New Game +


  1. When team rocket are controlling and silver is coming, the game gets stuck

    1. Either hop on the bike then immediately hop off OR if your Eevee gets stuck, go into the sewer and come back out, save it, and initiate the sequence.

      Silver is coming, and that's it, the game gets stuck.
      I tried hop on the bike but when I'm coming to team rocket, he's hopping by himself.
      and then again, I'm beating team rocket and then Silver is coming and the game gets stuck

  2. When will Chapter 5 Coming out that Where i am now i really hope i can get whole game i enjoy it :)