Wednesday, August 14, 2013

General Update

So i've spend much of the last week working on sidequests and planning the rest of the game out.

there should be around 20 of them in 0.7b. each granting various kinds of bonuses. TMs, equipment, evolution stones, pokemon. etc. plus you get a trophy for completing each one.
Although the storyline is linear, the sidequests make it feel a lot more open.


i've pretty much finalized the storyline, contact me (through pokecommunity PM, or twitter, or facebook- 

if you want me to tell you the plot of the game from start to end, it'll get massively spoiled, but on the other hand, I need thoughts about the story.

Map Update-----------

So I've done some minor updates to the map. Mainly layout changes. removing much of the planned second region and combining it with the first region to create one large region. I've pretty much nailed down where each legendary pokemon will be encountered.
Ill most definetly tweak it more as the project progresses, but they'll probably only be small additions and modifications.

(click to enlarge)

white areas = Completed (meaning it's coming in 0.7b)
light gray = Mapped (it's mapped, but not scripted, and wont be appearing in v0.7b)
dark gray = Nope. (doesnt exist as of yet)

Name Changes-

I decided to change the names of some areas. for various reasons.

Tasto Creek -> Aurum Creek [because tasto didnt mean anything, i took a word. added a vouel to the end of it.]
Resta Falls -> Leaky Falls [resta doesnt actually mean anything... same way as tasto]
Mt Sitor -> Mt Atlas [not sure if sitor meant anything, but now altas. named after greek god.]
Imbibo lake -> Ros lake [IIRC imbibo means drink in latin. but imbibo is a clumsy and hard to pronounce lake. Ros means wet. and is simple.]
Amplus City -> Magnus City [amplus was a fine name in itself, but i realised 3 of the first 5 cities you come across start with A. Aurum. Arbor. Amplus. might confuse players. plus magnus sounds badass. both amplus and magnus mean large in latin.
Cave of the Dammed -> Silent Ruins [more ruins than cave now... too many goddamn caves in the game...]
Funfact: each city in the game is a latin word.
Aurum Town = Gold (because main character's default name is gold)
Ventus City = Wind (because flying gym)
Brevis Town = Small (because it is small and has nothing of interest)
Arbor City= Tree (because it's next to a forest.)
Magnus City= Large (because it's the biggest city)
Ferreus Town= Steel/Hard (because it's next to a steel mine and steel gym)
Mors Village = Death (because of ghost gym and graveyard)
Portus City = Port (well... because theres a port)


So in v0.7b heres what pokemon should be avalaible:
Eevee, Starter, Sentret, Pidgey, Weedle/Caterpie, Nidoran, Zubat, Bellsprout/Oddish, Psyduck(alpha), Geodude, Spinarak, Pineco, Poliwag, Mareep, Abra, Diglett, Grimer(alpha), Tyrogue, Pichu, Smoochum, Elekid/Magby, Electrike(omega), Drowzee, Exeggcute, Shroomish,
Natu, Lotad, Snubbull, Sandshrew/Phanpy, Hoothoot, Houndour, Seedot, Gastly, Houndour, Mankey. - theres a chance that a couple wont make it if i decide to change their locations.

Heres some corrupted. you might notice updated sprites for a few of them.

(click to enlarge)

Social Media----------

So in additon to

Pokecommunity Forums Website Blog
I've now expanded to social media. ill be posting updates there too. and you can use them to ask me questions. post comments. discussions whatever.

Facebook Twitter Reddit

Next Version-

So all this talk about v0.7b probably has you curious as to when it will be done... All I can say right now is Soon.

But I'll be putting beta versions out before v0.7b so people can bugtest them. I'll be releasing a beta version ( beta72 ) relatively soon in fact. So stay tuned.


  1. Looking great so far, I would ask to see the story but I think I would better be able to piece it together by playing than getting a script and then point out any flaws that might be there,

    The corrupt sprites will still have the JPEG artifacts, right? I thought that was a neat addition before.

    1. I wasn't really planning on bringing the artifacting back, because i didn't like how messy it looked on some of the pokemon.

      But whatever. think your comment has convinced me to bring it back- in a more stylisitc fashion. I really like the look - tell me what you guys think-

    2. I like the design going with it, perhaps make it similar in color to the pokemon that is corrupted? Either way it will look neat and definitely look more like a corruption, and something not meant to be, rather than just an evil looking pokemon.

      Examples would be with the pidgey having brown white and red corruption lines, kakuna having green and red lines, etc.

      Or, if you have the patience, make it seem like the pokemon is being engulfed in an unnatural coding vortex so it's half corrupt and half normal... nah, anyway, I'm sure I'l be happy with whatever you choose.

  2. Actually, I think the inverse color for the corruption lines might look cool, like purple for the Kakuna, or blue for the Pidgey. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I just wanted to report a Huge problem involving the progress of the journey inside this game: from Mt. Atlas I find myself in front of ros lake, at the intersection with route 10 and route 14, finding out about how the night has returned and thanking Cristal about the team switcher (both things Quite far away from my progress, I was heading to Arbor city after beating the first gym).

  4. I just thought of something, having Eevee start the game with Vaporeon is a little game breaking, the Icy Wind TM and Vaporeons massive Hp, Special and PP pool takes all of the challenge away up to the sewers.

    Just something I should mention.

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