Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mapping Update

Made a new route. it's west of amplus city.
pokemon league is >>>> that way

Heres the general outline of upcomming versions, and where they would end.
v7a - XxLionheartxX (chapters 1+2)
v7b - Vanish_23 (chapters 3+4)
v7c - Geosigma (chapters 5+6+7)

v8 - Necro (chapter 8)?
v9 - Pokemon League (chapter 9)?
v10 - XDR (chapter 10)

Other Stuff

Also, SPEE is in the running for the spotlight of the month!

Get voting (but, if you like one of the other games better, vote for them!)


  1. I really love this game! But I would like to signal some bug in the game that has occurred to can I contact the autor?

  2. C'mon! Release 7b! D: