Saturday, March 24, 2012

Version 0.7a released!

Finally, after a stupidly long delay. I mean stupidly, stupidly long (9 months to be exact) the new version of Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is here.

Now; this demo will only go up to chapter 3(after the first AI battle) Yeah, you're probably thinking "wtf".
v7 was a large revamp. I went through and redid a lot of the script, events have been tightened up, systems have been polished, most importantly, difficulty has been rebalanced- to make it more challenging. It has the most changes of any version, a lot of the stuff is background stuff, so you might not even realise.
I've currently revamped up to the first AI, so i decided to just release it anyway even though it's only 1/3rd the length of v6.

I'll be releasing v7 in 3-4 parts. The first one is SPEE v0.7 a
with later parts being b,c etc.
with v8 releasing once the revamping has finally passed where v6 ended.

So yeah.
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.7a

DOWNLOAD | 74 mb

-Mass Rebalance
-Limitbreak System
-Suprise Battles
-Sidequests & Intel
-Dynamic Map
-Whiteout(no more game over when death)
-and much, much more

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  1. when will be the release date of the full version?