Monday, June 6, 2011

Demo 6 avaliable for download!

 It's out. Website and OP have been finally updated.

Download Page

If you don't have any version of v0.6 then download the new Demo 6
If you have v0.6 or v0.601, download the v0.602 patch.

Version 0.602
Date: 5/6/2011
Size: 90 MB

Pokemon Added: Skarmory, Machop, Voltorb, Wingull, Krabby, Smoochum, Magby, Elekid, Growlithe
New Areas: Route 12, Rainbow Tower, Silph Building, Underground Labs, Route 13, Route 15, Quistis Ferry
Limiting Band, Reserve Team, DYNO
Rainbow Tower, Silph Takeover and Geosigma Events
Leafeon Form
Shiny Encounters & Upgrades
New Summon: Latios (special)

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